Continuum Season 3 Review “So Do Our Minutes Hasten”


We all knew it was coming, with the characters on this season of Continuum growing darker and more ruthless by the week, but ‘So Do Our Minutes Hasten’s portrayal of the core good guys considering other options and sympathizing with the enemy has quickened the pace of the show’s descent into deep, complex grey areas more than ever. Kiera is disillusioned with her reality with next to no hope of returning home, Carlos is still struggling with all of the secrets that have been thrust upon him, Alec is getting in way over his head at the company and, until the end, Betty was the only one attempting to claw back her identity.

I’ve said it before in past weeks, but it really feels as if Kiera is morphing into our antagonist, losing that desperate longing for her family that made her so compelling and likeable in the first place. I can’t honestly say I believe this is an intentional move by the writers but, as long as something happens to set her straight (or go completely off the rails) before the season wraps up, I’m happy with the show for giving us something different with its main character. This third season is dark, there’s no doubt about that, but it hasn’t been lazy in offering the audience reasons for these characters’ respective downfalls.

Betty’s death is going to have significant ramifications, not least of all for Carlos. He and his troubles have been hanging around on the sidelines this season while Kiera has been dealing with her Alec issue but this turn of events has the potential to set him on a more dangerous path, with or without Kiera. With plenty of scenes shared with Julian this week, are we finally going to see what that retconned handshake at the end of season two was about? Could it be Carlos, not Kiera or Alec, who turns to Liber8 first? That’s what’s been great about this season – the knowledge that things could go any which way and the show would still work. This world is ugly and corrupt, and so are its residents.

What did you think of the episode? Are you going to miss Betty? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.