My 6 Favorite Moments in the Third Season of Grimm

Nick, Monroe, Krampus, Trubel, Rolek, Jason, Adalind, Diana, Meisner - Grimm

Spoiler Alert! I am discussing an event in this article that has not yet been broadcast, but has been discussed as upcoming in the program. Turn back now if you don’t like spoilers.

Grimm’s third season is about to come to a close – the finale is May 16, and with that in mind, I would like to reflect back on the season in its entirety and discuss what I found to be the best moments.

Monroe and Rosalee’s Wedding

Monroe and Nick - Grimm

Ok, I know this has not happened yet. But it will before the season ends as the previews after the May 9 episode, “The Inheritance,” showed us. I happen to love TV weddings. They are every kind of romantic, zany, crazy, tumultuous and just plain fun! And, we know for a fact that this wedding will possibly have all those elements. What’s not to love? And, what a way to end a season!

Now, I am also approaching this wedding with a little bit of trepidation. Earlier this season, we saw how volatile Monroe’s and Rosalee’s families are, and then we had Nick having nightmares about being a Grimm at a Wesen wedding and killing a Wesen relative. In “The Inheritance” even Rosalee lost it, and admitted that she had a bad feeling about the wedding. If that isn’t a foreshadowing for something. unfortunate, well, I am not sure what is!

Birth of Diana

Grimm Season 3 Episode 17 Synchronicity (3)

So, does anyone else feel like Adalind was pregnant for a couple of years? She wasn’t, but it sure seemed like her baby would never be born! We first learned of the pregnancy in season 2, episode 13, “Face Off,” which was broadcast on March 8, 2013. Adalind’s baby was born in season 3, episode 14, “Mommy Dearest,” which was broadcast on March 14, 2014. So, it was actually only one year in our time frame, which could reasonably be 9 months or less in the TV program world.

Of course, the birth was not easy. Adalind was forced to run and hide to protect her unborn child. The Royals wanted the baby and were seemingly unstoppable. Diana was born in a secluded cabin with only Meisner to assist with the birth. And, once she was born, they then had to continue running to avoid capture. Ultimately, Diana was sent off with Nick’s mom to keep her safe and away from bad influences. I am hoping we will see more of Diana, though!

Adalind’s Trials to Get Her Powers Back

Adalind - Grimm

Ok, show of hands, how many people turned away from the gore and grossness of the things Adalind had to do to get her powers back? Watching her almost toss her cookies several times as she slogged through the goo and slime was difficult. In order to get her powers back, she had to do some of the most disgusting things I think I have ever seen! This was not a program to be watching while eating dinner…

And, clearly Adalind shared the feeling of ick we all were experiencing. Her facial expressions of horror every time she was told some new task she needed to do, like eating a heart or sewing a dead body shut and cutting the thread with her teeth, only added to the squeamish reaction we all felt!

Nick Gets Zombified

Nick - Grimm

Well, not actually zombified, as in The Walking Dead walkers, mind you, but it was the Grimm interpretation of a zombie. The victim ends up under mind control from a Cracher-Mortel and his poison venom which he spits in your face. EWWWW…

In my opinion, Zombie-Nick was awesome. He was super strong, and the makeup was phenomenal. Being a Grimm, he was able to resist the effects of the venom better than the rest of the human victims, but not completely. The antidote that Rosalee made worked on him, but not exactly the same way as it worked on the regular human victims, making his recovery uneven.

One Really Creepy Christmas Episode

Krampus - Grimm

Holiday episodes of TV shows are usually a lot of fun. And, Grimm has done fun holiday episodes – Halloween comes to mind – but for me the Grimm story about Krampus was very creepy. I mean, honestly, this dude ate bad children! But, then, if we can’t get creepy from a show like Grimm, then where do we get it?

Krampus is an anti-Santa Wesen. He looks like a wild sheep and we saw him in “Twelve Days of Krampus.” The legend says that he appears before Christmas and kidnaps naughty children. He then puts them in baskets up in very tall trees, with the intention of eating them on the night of the winter solstice. Thank goodness he only comes once a year, for three weeks!

Trubel Arrives

Grimm Season 3 Episode 21 The Inheritance (2)

I know the jury is still out for some folks, but I happen to like Trubel. I think she adds freshness to the Grimm persona. Up until this point, the only other Grimms we knew were Aunt Marie and Nick’s mom, Kelly. Towards the end of season 3, we are introduced to two other Grimms, Trubel and Rolek, the latter of whom unfortunately dies in “The Inheritance.” But, he leaves Nick and Trubel a trunk full of Grimm paraphernalia, including one of the 7 keys.

Trubel is street smart, but also naive in her approach to the Wesen. This naiveté is born of her lack of experience and actually, lack of knowledge. But, she seems to be a pretty quick study, and is eager to learn all she can about Wesen and Grimms. In a way, she is also a good tool to use to help the audience learn about Wesen. And, as food for thought, her observation in “The Inheritance” that it seemed strange to have three Grimms all in the same place at the same time could be a set up for future events, good or bad!


So those are my favorite Grimm moments this season. Do you have favorite moments from Grimm season 3? If so, please tell me about them in the comments section below! I love to hear other opinions!