’24: Live Another Day’ Interview: Mary Lynn Rajskub on the New Chloe and More

24: Live Another Day Episode 3 Day 9: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (16)

After last week’s action packed two-part premiere, 24: Live Another Day is moving to its regular time period tonight, Monday, May 12th at 9/8c on Fox. The event series brings us back to the high adrenaline world of 24 while also putting a new spin on its characters, in particular witty hacker and fan favorite Chloe. Jack’s right hand woman has undergone a huge transformation into an underground, anti-government activist.

Recently, TV Equals joined in a conference call with Mary Lynn Rajskub, where the actress discussed playing a darker side of Chloe, her character’s dramatic style change and more. Check out the highlights from the interview below.

How Chloe’s New Look Reflects Her New Attitude

Since fans last saw Chloe four years ago, the character has experienced great personal and professional loss, a feeling she reflects by embracing a Goth style. Rajskub revealed details of the look fans may not be able to catch onscreen. For instance, the hair and makeup department added short extensions to Chloe’s hair to make it look like she cut it herself. Her tattoos, which are not shown in full, are also highly detailed. There are ones that focus on Chloe’s husband and son, as well as a skull made out of computer programming.

On Playing a Darker Chloe

After getting over the initial shock of the series returning, Rajskub was excited to step back into the role of Chloe, even though the Chloe she is playing now is different from the one she used to know. As an actor, she relished the challenge of playing a version of Chloe who was not as quick to quip or as lighthearted as she once was.

“She is really in a lot of pain and just holding on and she isn’t too happy with Jack,” Rajskub said. “Where I used to find humor or a kind of relief even in just a sarcastic remark, this time around she’s in such pain that I wasn’t able to find any levity at all and that was another surprising layer to play as an actor.”

The Strained Dynamic Between Chloe and Jack

Chloe has always been Jack’s staunchest supporter, but she holds him partially responsible for the dark place she is in. While the duo will ride again in order to save the world one more time, their relationship has changed. “She blames Jack and she of course blames herself,” Rajskub commented on Chloe’s state of mind. “I think she has just been completely beaten down in every aspect. So when we see her in this haggard environment. It’s not something we would imagine for her, but it becomes her rock, giving away government secrets.”

Rajskub does not see much happiness in Chloe’s future, but at least Chloe finds a sense of purpose with Jack back in her life. “She’s always trying to save the world; personal, simple happiness doesn’t happen.”

What Happened to Her Son?

Viewers will not have to ponder the question for long. In tonight’s outing, Chloe will reveal to Jack what happened to her son, which will give fans a greater insight as to why Chloe would become the person she is when we meet her once more. While she blames both Jack and herself, Rajskub believes Chloe’s biggest problem is she “has been dragged to the dark side.” At this point Rajskub thinks Chloe “doesn’t have a lot to live for.”

Do you think Chloe can come back from such a bleak state of mind?

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