Veep Season 3 Review “Detroit”

Veep HBO Detroit

After finally choosing Dan as her campaign manager last week, Selina found herself with an onslaught of issues to deal with in “Detroit.” Fortunately, troublesome family, cultural clashes and a rogue Statue of Liberty made for plenty of enjoyable hijinks in this episode of Veep, even as Selina struggled through.

Veep has managed to keep a pretty fair balance in its characters so far. The struggles they go through make it so that the audience is usually on their side, but the show also constantly reminds us that these are some pretty horrible people. Really, anytime Catherine shows up, it acts as a flag that things are about to get particularly rough for Selina. It’s the show’s way of saying that yeah, she’s about to be put through the ringer, but don’t feel too bad for her, as she’s a terrible mother.

And the staff doesn’t treat Catherine much better, either, as their whole goal is to get Selina elected. As such, Dan was doing everything to hide the poor girl from the public eye and Amy was ordering her not to voice her opinions. Really, Catherine always works for me because she’s so easy to sympathize, but I wish she’d get a chance to stick up for herself. This would’ve been the perfect opportunity, as Catherine’s defensive punch made her a viable figure, but she seemed ready to go along with things, even easier than usual.

Andrew, Selina’s ex-husband, also returned, though he felt a bit pointless. Christopher Meloni’s physical instructor character was of course around to keep Selina from falling back under Andrew’s weird sexual spell of lust and hate, but by the end, she seemed to fall into it almost by random chance. I’m sure Andrew will play a bigger role in the next few weeks, but he was perhaps the one element too many here

The last scene of note is the big “time table” montage, which showed Selina working her way through the various problems she’d built up in a masterful display of her political prowess, even as things failed to go entirely her way. What my takeaway from this scene was, though, was a better understanding of the Sue/Kent relationship. While I still think they make for an odd couple, seeing them manage the home office together and celebrate slightly when the day was done showed me how they could end up attracted to one another.

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