Silicon Valley Season 1 Review “Third Party Insourcing”

Silicon Valley HBO Third Party Insourcing 01

Silicon Valley offered up another strong entry this week with “Third Party Insourcing.” Aside from a bit of awkwardness surrounding Peter Gregory, every character had a chance to shine this week. Hands down, this was the show’s best episode, and I can only hope the last two episodes offer a similar amount of laughs.

The main arc of the episode had to do with a last-minute problem in Pied Piper’s cloud structure, leading to the team hiring a wunderkind named the Carver to help them out. Young Kevin wasn’t the funniest character in and of himself, but the way he got under Richard’s skin was amusing. We’ve seen Richard freak out over legitimate issues a lot, but there was a different energy to him just being downright jealous. Ehrlich also got some fun material with this arc, and seeing him punch a preteen in the face to get some Adderall was as funny as it was wrong.

Meanwhile, Dinesh’s dilemma was a lot of fun as well, with Gilfoyle offering up his girlfriend. It was pretty obvious Gilfoyle was just messing with Dinesh, but watching him deliberate with himself and Ehrlich was enjoyable. In fact, this was Ehrlich strongest episode, as he had some funny material in this arc as well. The two of them squabbling over attractiveness at a Satanist meeting was just bizarre, though I would have to agree with Dinesh that he’s not a bad-looking guy.

The highlight this week had to be Jared’s struggles with technology, though, as the poor guy found himself shanghaied by a driverless vehicle. This show always takes a chance to poke fun at future technology, but this took things to a whole new level. I do have to question Jared’s unwillingness to get out of the car at a light or some point before being packed onto a boat, but his scream of horror upon finding himself on an unmanned ocean platform was worth it.

On the unfortunate side, this was the first episode without Peter Gregory, as actor Christopher Evan Welch lost his life during filming of this season. Now, I don’t begrudge the show for writing around the character, and possibly not addressing the issue until next season. However, having him “appear” as a groan on the phone was a bit uncomfortable. Still, it didn’t take too much away from an otherwise excellent episode.

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