Da Vinci’s Demons Season 2 Review “The Fall From Heaven”

DaVinci's Demons 2014, Episode Number 201

The Vault of Heaven has been found! And inside was *drumroll please* no Book of Leaves or Mama da Vinci! Instead we got a golden headed statue thing with a recorded message from Leonardo’s mom saying that she took the Book elsewhere. Also, in order for him to finish his quest of finding the book, he must stop looking for her. Okay… back to Florence then! Perhaps David Goyer and company sped through the South America arc to give a more finite conclusion to Season 2 in case Da Vinci’s Demons was not renewed. Lucky for everyone involved though, the show was renewed! It now begs this question: will the current storyline be wrapped up by the end of this season or continue on?

I hope for the former. The Book of Leaves is the MacGuffin of this series, and while Leo’s adventures surrounding it have been engaging, I just want him to find the damn thing. The man lived a full life, and any aspect of it could making for an interesting and compelling story. He also hasn’t found Mama da Vinci, but I believe the audience has seen her now. The woman that Lucrezia met in Constantinople had what looked like Incan markings on her and was chained. Perhaps Mama went to find the Turk after returning to Europe and got captured by the Sultan on the way? I hope that was Mama da Vinci because that gold statue head in The Fault of Heaven was not satisfying. We feel your pain Leo. Now you have to go back across the Pond to find the Book OR look for your mother because you can’t have both. The gold statue head told you as much. If the woman that Lucrezia met happens to be Mama da Vinci does that mean the Book is in Constantinople as well? Or did she leave it in Florence because that would be the definition of ironic. The Turk doesn’t seem to know- what a lot of help you are!

At least this development gets Leo, Riario, Zo, and Nico back to Florence. And two of them are going back as very different people, Riario maybe for the better and Nico possibly for worse. The latter looks to becoming more of the man we know of today. His bait and switch in escaping/killing the Incan guard (what a Riario thing to do) completely surprised Zo. And poor Riario is quite jaded now. He’s going home with no Book, no Zita, and a still-alive Da Vinci. Blake Ritson was brilliant again in his speech to Leo about everything that has transpired. Is it really worth it? Since coming into the work of the Holy Father, Riario has had to commit despicable crimes starting with the killing of his own mother, a Jewish prostitute. He watched his young cousin be murdered and then allowed Lucrezia to become a pawn of Rome. He tortured young Nico and sacrificed the woman he loved. And all for what? Leo lives based on his own agency and is happier for it. Riario and Lucrezia aren’t allowed that pleasure and suffer in kind. Leo didn’t see the journey to South America as a failure but as a lesson in the new. If anything, he’ll feel more guilt in seeing Florence descend into chaos in his absence than failure in not finding the Book. Riario will have his chance to make a decision now though: does he continue to work for the Holy Father or choose his own path? He may claim not to be interested in the Book anymore but still has his arrogance and want of control. Florence being under Rome’s power gives him the perfect opportunity to exercise those needs. Either way, I will enjoy watching him make those conflicted decisions along with Leonardo’s reaction in kind.

More Notes from the Gold Statue Head
– “The Fall from Heaven” (the actual fall) was a doozy.

– Poor Lorenzo can’t catch a break. Right as he finally gains King Ferrante’s acceptance, Pope Sixtus has to come and ruin the party.

– Bayezid was of course not given a good welcome in Rome. Pope Sixtus guessed correctly that he was not given permission to come by his father, the Sultan. More intriguing is Alessandro gave no hint to the audience that his brother, Francesco, could be involved. Speaking of Francesco, his plan obviously did not work out. Bayezid’s men were killed and he was sent walking back to Constantinople. Quon escaped- no surprise. Part of me still believes that had Lucrezia been able to accompany Bayezid back to Rome she would have led him to her father to prove that the current Pope is an imposter.

– A new player has been introduced in Jacob, an Italian who is an advisor to the Sultan.

– Again, Da Vinci’s Demons shows that past, present, and future are all one. The arches in the background of the Mona Lisa help Leonardo solve the finale puzzle in opening the fault #timeisaflatcircle

– Andrea was in the preview for next week yay!

“This is where faith has carried me.” Riario

“He taught me to survive.” Nico to Zo about Riario

“Up the fucking mountain!” Zo

“Your theoretical generosity is touching.” Riario to Leo