The Amazing Race Season 24 Review “Hei Ho Heidi Ho”

Hei Ho Heidi Ho

The Amazing Race returned tonight with “Hei Ho Heidi Ho”, as the final four teams made their way from Seville, Spain to London, England.

The only pre-flight question that I had was about how Jamal’s knee has held up since the last leg. It seemed to be just fine, though. For all of the hoopla he made about it last week I would have expected it to be more of a problem. He kept talking about how the knee came out of its socket, although they wouldn’t have allowed him to keep racing if his knee was truly dislocated.

The teams made their way to Heathrow airport with absolutely zero Travel Fu drama involved, with all teams arriving safely at the six minute mark. I would have expected there to be some drama involved, what with Heathrow being the busiest airport in the world, but apparently they were pretty lucky.

The first challenge was pretty dang impressive, with the Race producers able to lock down the hallowed grounds of Liverpool FC so a bunch of Americans could feebly kick a soccer ball. I know this is a little bit of a nitpick, but I wish there were a bit more people in those stands. I’m not saying they need to fill it with the 45,000+ that they get for the games, but maybe just ask a few Liverpudlians to fill the stands behind the goal posts so they could tease and jeer at the terrible kickers. The Big Red mascot didn’t really do much for me. One of the best parts of watching soccer games is seeing their fans go nuts when a goal is scored!

The Road Block was OK, if maybe a bit boring to watch. Welsh is such a crazy language, with all of the words not being phonetic at all, that it’s so hard for anybody at home to try to play along. Considering how hard the words were to read, and the fact that you had to memorize them, I expected everybody to have a much harder time with this. Surprisingly it took them all only between 2-4 tries to get this right.

The Detour was much better, as the teams had to choose between shooting some clay pigeons or throwing some boots. I was a bit surprised that the teams had to shoot some clay pigeons with a 12 gauge shotgun, as I don’t remember the teams every having to shoot a gun before on this show. It seemed like it was a bit dangerous, especially with such strong winds. The boot throwing challenge was pretty odd one, but I’m surprised we didn’t see more people pick this one. I mean, that’s all you had to do! You had to throw a boot over and over again, but it was a Detour with a definite ending. You knew that you would complete it eventually. You could have possibly never hit one of the clay pigeons and been at that forever, although nobody did seem to have any problems with it.

The only person who seemed to have any real problems with their challenge was the Brenchels, as they stupidly didn’t read their clue properly. It was very strange how positive Rachel was that the correct sizes were 10 and 11. Why not just check your clue again just to make sure?! I was frankly a bit surprised that she had such a breakdown over this, since she just messed up once. It isn’t like she tried and tried to complete the challenge and kept failing. You just had one setback, and you know what you did wrong, so go back and fix it and stop crying! You knew when she said at the top of the episode that she hadn’t had a breakdown yet that it would be coming this episode, but she’s had to deal with much more difficult things on this race so far and she hasn’t cracked yet.

So The Afghanimals were unfortunately sent home yet again. They can’t seem to crack that final three, so instead we have The Brenchels, The Country Singers, and Mr. Never-Shuts-Up-About-His-Age and his kind, deserving son. I’m actually hoping that The Brenchels win at this point, which is pretty shocking, but they’re up against a team who has drafted on the tailcoats of other teams this whole game, and a team with one dude who really bugs me. I guess we’ll see what happens in next week’s finale!

Random Thoughts:

– Leo’s english accent is the same as all of his other accents, in that it sounds just like Borat.

– I don’t know much about soccer, but those goalies weren’t like…professional were they? They were getting scored on pretty easily! Maybe they were just going easy on them…

– I’ve made this abundantly clear already in my reviews, but Dave continued to complain about his age tonight, saying that he’s racing with a bunch of young bulls and that he might be the oldest player to ever win. Now he’s had first place more than any other team, so I really hope he shuts up about his age pretty soon.