Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Finale 2014 Review “‘O ka Pili `Ohana ka `Oi”

O Ka Pilo 'Ohana Ka 'Oi (Family Comes First)

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “‘O ka Pili `Ohana ka `Oi” (Hawaiian for “Family Comes First”), the team rallies around Grover when his daughter is kidnapped by an old enemy, but it’s an even older rival that makes everything a lot more complicated.

I have mixed feelings about this season finale. Was it an action-packed episode with tons of drama? Yes, indeed. But ultimately I’m not sure I understand or am happy with how everything ended up.

In the beginning, Grover got a call from his daughter only to discover that she was in the hands of master-hacker Ian. I’ve never actually seen any of the Taken movies, but him telling his daughter that she was basically about to be kidnapped kind of sounded like the one scene I’ve seen from the movie’s previews. I bet if I’d seen the movies, I probably wouldn’t have found them similar at all, but somehow I couldn’t get it out of my head and it ruined that whole storyline for me.

Grover breaking down over the loss of his daughter did start to bring the storyline back for me a little. Chi McBride did some amazing work in this episode and it was a unique experience to see Grover that vulnerable.

As for Wo Fat’s story, he was conspicuously absent from the episode after his initial escape. Then it all became about Ian and rescuing Samantha. I don’t know what to think about Wo Fat killing Ian. I subscribe to the “there’s no such thing as coincidence” mindset so I can’t imagine that Wo Fat ran into and then killed Ian purely by accident. I wonder if he found out what was happening through some of his shady contacts on the island and saved Samantha so that he’d have a sure-fire way of getting Steve and Grover’s attention. What message he as will wait for next season.

The Wo Fat story was a good one and I like the way they managed to stretch it out to next year. I also liked all of the interaction in the episode. Steven and Danny in the clown car is a sight that I won’t be able to get out of my mind for a while.

But then the ending left me nearly as puzzled as the beginning. Grover is now a member of Five-0, just after we said goodbye to Catherine? I understand that Kono needed to leave for a little while because of Grace Park’s pregnancy. Which left the team short a member and allowed Catherine (Michelle Borth) to come in. Once Kono returned, it made sense that Catherine wasn’t needed any longer. I was sad because I’d grown to like Catherine, but I understood.

But adding Grover to the team has me confused. Is the idea that the team will keep on getting bigger or are they about to lose another team mate next season? I just don’t see how five people is going to work. Who is Grover going to partner with?

Therein lays my real fear. With Grover added into the mix, I see Steve partnering up with him more than with Danny. So yeah, my whole opinion of this finale boils down to jealousy over my favorite character. There, I completely admitted it.

One thing’s for sure, this season finale has definitely left me with a lot of questions that I can’t wait to see answered in Season 5.

My favorite bits:

Yes! I almost forgot about the clown cargument we were promised on our visit to the production offices a few months back. Too awesome for words.

Danny pointing out he would love to get out of the clown car, especialy since it had no doors.

“There’s only two ways this can go and in both you end up dead.”
“You know that doesn’t make any sense.”
“I know, but it sounded good, right?”

Okay, I’m sorry, but you have to admit that using your nitro pills to make a bomb is pretty freaking brilliant. Is it wrong that I now kinda admire him now?

Oh yeah, we knew that Ian would be back.

Grover breaking down in his car. It was only momentary but it was still surprising, as was the fact that he hung up on Steve.

Danny remarking that HE was going to sit down after finding out that Steve’s mother visited Wo Fat, then telling Steve he needed the couch more than him.

Steve ordering Danny to stop being helpful. I actually thought his suggestion was a pretty good one.

Danny genuinely saying he was sorry to Steve about Catherine being gone.

Chin pointing out their lives were unpredictable and it if it feels right, there should be no reason for Kono and Adam to wait.

Samantha spitting on Ian. Good girl!

The look on Steve’s face when he saw Grover holding a gun on him.

The look on Steve’s face when he realized the money was missing from the truck.

Grover apologizing to his daughter before completely breaking down. Wow.

Danny going out and talking to Grover, as one father to another who had a daughter kidnapped.

Ian comparing Five-0 to the Beatles and himself to Brian Epstein.

“The only way we do this is together.”

All those dots appearing from the team’s guns.

“My dad’s going to find you and he’s going to kill you. You know that, right?”

Wait. Wo Fat did what??

Grover in lime green shorts. That is all.

“I hope you like getting shot at, buddy.” – Haha! Leave it to Danny.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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