Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “Stuck”


Most episodes of Hart of Dixie are a mixed bag of things that work and things that just don’t. As it’s gone along, like almost every show in its genre, that bag has gotten more and more weighed down with the stuff that doesn’t work, the shenanigans, the breakups and the lunacy of Bluebell. Where the town used to be charming in its eccentricity and the breakups really mattered, the show was at it’s best and, with season three drawing to a close with news of a renewal ringing in our ears, we can only hope that the smattering of good things will pave the way for a renaissance.

Because ‘Stuck’ wasn’t the greatest episode in the world, and was actually much weaker than last week’s ‘back to basics’ exercise in shipping, but it did bring back two things that absolutely work – Wade and Zoe working together, and Wade’s relationship with his father. These two threads have often come as a package, given that it was Zoe who first brought that more vulnerable side out of Wade, and here the show found a creative way to revisit the story. Earl as a disappointing drunk had run its course, and here we had the hopeful, ‘anything’s possible’ incarnation of the character.

He was mainly there to bring Zoe and Wade closer, which is as good a reason as any, and that heartbreaker at the end is quite clearly the surmountable obstacle being put in their way before the season finale. This is primetime soap opera 101 – Zade are going to be a thing again. Of course, the fact that a fourth season of the show is now a reality, what happens after the season finale is going to be very, very interesting indeed. I’ve been talking about this season as if it’s the end, and that George/Lemon and Wade/Zoe were always going to be the endgame couples, so what happens after happily ever after?

It’s something that AnnaBeth may or may not find out, as the surprise proposal from Davis didn’t get an answer on account of the fire in Fancies. That leaves AnnaBeth and Lavon’s relationship in Limbo as well as Lemon’s livelihood, and I wonder if the prospect of Wade moving to Atlanta might mean that Lemon comes back aboard the Rammer Jammer? I honestly can’t predict what might happen in the finale, and that makes the show, for the first time in ages, something to look forward to.

What did you think of the episode? Will AnnaBeth say yes to Davis? Will Wade move to Atlanta? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.