Elementary Season 2 Review “Art in the Blood”

Art in the Blood

In the latest episode of “Elementary,” the reveals kept coming, in “Art in the Blood.” With Watson out of harm’s way and unharmed, it was time for Mycroft to tell Holmes the truth- or, some of it, at least. Admitting that he worked for British Intelligence, aka MI6 (“What’s your ‘OO’ designation? License to kill- or just annoy?” quipped Holmes), he claims to have been recruited when Le Milieu approached him with a loan offer to salvage his restaurant, which subsequently led to MI6 approaching him and telling him to take them up on it, effectively rendering him an undercover agent in the process.

Only that turned out not to be true, either. As an astute reader pointed out, it’s not unheard of that Mycroft be associated with BI, nor that he possesses a crafty mind of his own- a fact acknowledged by Holmes himself, who refers to him as a sort of human computer, albeit one whose own laziness often works against him. So, this part is actually not out of line with the Mycroft of the Holmes series of stories and books.

However, we later discover that, in fact, Mycroft bailed on the MI6 some time ago, only to be dragged back into it when Holmes was inadvertently involved in aiding a terrorist act during his hazy drug days, albeit unbeknownst to him. In order to save his brother from being charged with a treasonous act, Mycroft re-upped with them- something he’s never admitted to his brother, even though it would go a long way towards showing Holmes how much he really cares for him.

I guess another thing these two share as siblings is stubbornness. But I get it- to tell Holmes what happened would be to risk his relapse when he blamed himself for what could have went down had MI6 not figured out what was going on in time to stop it. I’m definitely liking this new wrinkle in the alternative Holmes-verse of the show. Say what you will about the approach of “Elementary” and how it might diverge from the source, but at least they’re making it their own.

Some great lines throughout the episode, including some from decidedly unlikely sources, like MI6 handler Sherrington, who, after asking Holmes to help on a case as payback for saving Watson in the previous episode, joked: “I’d also like you to assassinate the Premier of China. Perhaps I should have led with that.” Holmes got in some good ones, as well, such as when Sherrington told him how he’d saved his brother’s life and he shot back, “I’ll let that slide” and Mycroft did a double take.

The main case at hand was a bit meh, I suppose, though the idea of ultraviolet tattoos with codes written with what amounts to invisible ink was neat- and led to someone snatching the poor guy’s arms right out of the morgue! The fact that someone framed Mycroft for the initial murder was clever, too, and a nice set-up for the season finale next week.

Despite their differences, Holmes will no doubt rally to his brother’s defense, as indicated by his coming immediately to Mycroft with the new information, as soon as he realized whose fingerprints were on the murder weapon. If solving that case on his brother’s behalf doesn’t help bring them together, I suppose nothing will, though I wouldn’t count on things ever being completely touchy-feely between the two under the best of circumstances.

The question is, who did it? It’s tempting to think it was Sherrington, but that seems too obvious, so I’m going back to the well for Moriarty as being the culprit, as we haven’t heard from her in some time. The ex-wife (Emily Bergl, of “Shameless”) is a possibility as well, as she certainly was a font of information about things she really shouldn’t have known about, if you think about it.

What did you think of “Elementary” this week? Did you like the tweaks the show made to Mycroft’s character? How about the MI6 angle? Who do you think framed Mycroft? Will Watson tell Holmes what she now knows about Mycroft? Will Mycroft? Will Holmes crack under the strain of the case and resort to using again? Sound off below and see you for the big finale!