Black Box Season 1 Review “Who Are You”

Black Box (ABC) Episode 3 Who Are You? (25)

Everything about “Who Are You” worked for me except the Catherine/Will relationship again. What a mess. Is his reveal about sleeping with the hostess supposed to make him more interesting or create more sympathy for Catherine because it did neither. The latter could have worked if not for Catherine’s argument about why she sleeps around. She said she does it when she’s not herself, yet in the pilot she specifically told Will being bipolar is who she is. If she was trying to save face with this comment, I could believe that, but Catherine sounded sincere in her remark which makes the statement contradictory to what she has previously said. Her response to Will of him sleeping around to hurt her was adequate enough. Then he proposed to her once more and she accepted. I understand that toxic relationships are like this, the push and pull/back and forth, but on television it only works when both parties are dynamic to watch (example: Scandal). On Black Box, that simply isn’t the case.

Ignoring the former, the rest of “Who Are You” was an improvement. Kelly Reilly has done a fine job so far with each of the patients of the week. The cases are solved too quickly of course, but that’s the norm. I surprisingly enjoyed Lina Lark as well perhaps because she wasn’t given a situation that made her look incompetent. Reilly and Ali Wong had a nice rapport regarding the “Is Bickman a psycho” test. Bickman himself is still problematic but at least engaging.

Again, Laura Fraser just breaks my heart. Regan tries so hard which is probably why Esme pushes her away. Cool aunt Catherine just “is,” and that must be more exciting to a teenager. I am curious about the final scene where Regan saw that mother and daughter both possess the same nervous habit. My friend saw that moment as Esme possibly exhibiting a symptom of bipolar disorder. I read it as Esme having an idea that Catherine could be her real mother (especially since she brought up the adopted question earlier). It could also be Regan realizing that sometime soon down the road the real truth will come out because mother and daughter are so alike. How soon though?