The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Review “Promised Land”

Promised Land

On the last episode of “The Vampire Diaries” before the big season finale, the stage was set for all manners of chaos, and this time around, they’re saving the biggest stuff for last. (Longtime fans will recall that sometimes the big stuff happens on the penultimate episode, with the fall-out occurring in the actual finale.) When we last left Stefan and Elena, they had been kidnapped by Markos, who wasted no time in starting to drain them of their blood.

Enter Maria, the wife of Julian, both of whom are Travelers occupying denizens of Mystic Falls, with the latter in the guise of Tyler, who was also being held against his will in Damon’s basement. In exchange for their help getting back Julian, she sets them free, but fails to tell them one major chunk of information: it’s too late to get Julian out and Tyler back in. Not that it ultimately mattered to Maria, as she was subsequently killed in an altercation between Luke & Liv and Stefan & Elena, with the former demolishing their vehicle and attempting to kill the latter, but it was too little too late, as the big spell was already in process.

Said spell causes all magic to go sideways, restoring balance in the Travelers’ favor, but also causing vampires to be vulnerable to light and to experience some of their last events as humans, which include drowning (Elena) and being shot (Stefan) and staked (Damon). It also renders Bonnie pretty useless, which is not great news for anyone, least of all Enzo. Or Bonnie, for that matter, who is resigned to death, especially after a last ditch effort involving the recently departed Maria fails.

Enter a none-too-happy Julian, who goes ballistic when he discovers his wife is dead and rips out Stefan’s heart, killing him for real this time. Of course, Bonnie is able to see him, but can’t do much of anything for him, with circumstances being what they are. My prediction: Seeing as they’re unlikely to kill Stefan, my guess is that Bonnie will figure something out on the fly to save those we’ve lost as of late before the portal closes for good, but someone will die for real in the process, likely Bonnie herself.

It might also allow someone- or something– else to cross over as well. Not sure what exactly, but over on “The Originals,” it’s looking like Mikael, so maybe on “TVD,” it will be Kol, which would allow for him to return to that show as well. I’d almost say Katherine, but we’ve been there, done that, so I don’t think that will happen. You can be sure something will go down, as the finale almost always sets up the next season.

Okay, so there was an awful lot of back and forth and exposition and whatnot going on here, so it couldn’t help but be yet another transitional episode, but for what it’s worth, it was a decent one. There were some great lines scattered throughout, for one. I loved it when Markos described his people and Damon snarkily remarked: “You just described homeless people, aging hipsters and Matt Donovan.” LOL. (His note to Markos was similarly priceless: “FOUND: Cave of wanna-be witches.”)

That said, a transitional episode is a transitional episode, so they tend to be all talk and little actual getting things done, and this was no exception. Yes, Stefan was fatally injured, but like they are going to actually kill him for good. Mark my words, something will save him from beyond the grave, and he’ll be back, just as Bonnie and Jeremy were before him. That’s just how the show rolls. Dead is never really dead, for the most part. But feel free to make me eat my words if things turn out differently than I predicted.

What did you think of “The Vampire Diaries” this week? Do like the whole Traveler plotline? Do you think Bonnie will save the day in the end? Will anyone die for real? Will Damon say something snarky? (Okay, that’s a given.) Will Stefan be resurrected? Will Katherine piggy-back onto Bonnie’s spell to get out of purgatory or what have you? Sound off below and see you for the big finale!