Revolution Season 2 Review “Tomorrowland”

Revolution Season Episode 20 Tomorrowland (5)

With Miles rescued and a lot of interpersonal conflict having been reexamined last week, Revolution began the last major arc of the season in “Tomorrowland.” The battle with the Patriots is heating up, and numerous factions are preparing for battle as the finale approaches.

With this being one of the last episodes of the season, I understand that things had to come to a head, but I wish the rebel camp had been found through something other than a crazy random happenstance sort of situation. I don’t know, maybe a scouting party could’ve seen the burning building from last week and tracked Miles until he got back to camp. It certainly would’ve been better than a random civilian happening upon the encampment.

Fortunately, the material this discovery led to was much stronger. For starters, there was Monroe, who’s as bloodthirsty as ever in his efforts to take back power. He’s tried his best to keep up appearances, but Miles finally saw that he’s not fighting the Patriots for noble reasons and turned his back on the man. It’s certainly the right decision, as no matter how much Monroe says he’s changed, he continues to behave like a mad tyrant. And even if he had learned anything, Connor’s brief scene showed that he’s just as mentally unhinged as his father.

Tom, meanwhile, cut ties with the Patriots in a rather brutal way. He truly believes he’s got nothing left to live for, with Jason dead and his wife assumed so. Unlike Monroe, as cruel as Tom can be, everything he’s done has been to keep his family safe; now that he doesn’t have them, it makes sense he’d want to lash out and do as much damage as possible. Teaming up with Monroe is certainly a good way to go about doing it.

Aaron’s encounters with the personified nanotech continue to escalate, with things feeling right out of a horror movie as he discovered the magazine recreation in the house. He’s had a torturous arc this season, and I keep hoping things will get better for him. At the moment, though, he’s alone facing the greatest threat to this world. They’re basically the White Walkers from Game of Thrones, amassing power as everyone else squabbles over control of the country.

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