The 100 Season 1 Review “Day Trip”

Even great shows are due a misstep every now and then, and so it was for The 100 this week. That’s not to say there was nothing good in “Day Trip,” but an episode featuring all of the teens tripping out on hallucinogenic nuts isn’t exactly in keeping with the grim tone the show has established so far.

Really, this is an episode that felt like it wanted to play for big laughs, but that’s not the show we’ve been watching the past few months. There have definitely been funny moments, but watching Monty comment how he ate a pinecone because it told him to doesn’t fit the tone. I get the sense this was meant to be a bit of breather episode after last week’s torture-heavy story, but the show’s managed to keep the story moving forward without any detours so far. Also, I just hate when episode previews give you a complete misdirect about the content of an episode, as last week’s suggested this would be a grounder-heavy story.

Now, all that being said, some of the hallucinations at least played into the internal conflicts of the characters. Clarke’s visions of her father helped push her towards possible reconciliation with her mother, though it’s not something she’s quite reached yet. This is a conflict I can get behind, as she blames her mother for the death of her father. Her iciness towards Finn, however, continues to feel awkwardly shoehorned into the show, so hopefully that can come to a head before too much longer.

Bellamy, meanwhile, was given more strong material this week, as he faced an army of ghosts that he feels responsible for. Bellamy remains a complicated character, one who’s not afraid to turn to brutal tactics but remains haunted by what he might have caused in an attempt to protect himself. Fortunately, he decided to own up to what he’d done and face Jaha, putting him in a position where both Clarke and the audience can have more faith in his actions.

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