The Tomorrow People Season 1 Finale Review “Son of Man”

This week’s episode of The Tomorrow People picked up pretty much right were the last one left off. Jed stole tomorrow people powers so he could go to Ultra and save Roger. By the time he got there, it was too late. So, Roger begged Jed to kill him so the machine could be stopped. Jed appeared very much conflicted and you could almost see his brain frantically trying to come with an alternative to killing Roger. Unfortunately, Roger and Jed couldn’t think of another way, so Jed reluctantly killed his brother. It appeared to be for naught though because the machine already had Roger’s power and it didn’t actually need him to continue running. After Roger died, Stephen decided to go get whatever the serum was that John took to make him able to kill because Stephen wanted to go after The Founder. Actually, I got the sense that Stephen wanted to die going after The Founder because it would be easier than living. At any rate, Stephen ultimately chose not to take the serum. He, Cara, John, Astrid, and Russell decided to take down The Founder and Ultra another way. In the end, good guys won; bad guys lost; and humanity lives to fight another day.

I wanted to feel bad for Jed. I really did. For all of his monstrosities, it turns out that Jed actually does have a heart. Even more than that. Jed actually really loved his brother. Yes, he was jealous of Roger’s powers, but apparently his love truly did overshadow his jealousy. He risked his life to go save Roger from Ultra, and when Roger died in Jed’s arms there was no mistaking that a part of Jed died too. I suppose you could argue that Jed going to save Roger from Ultra was merely self-preservation, and perhaps there was some of that, but for Jed it seemed like it was mostly about saving his brother. After losing Roger, Jed just sat in his apartment drinking and watching old home videos of John. Jed truly does view John as his son, and it seemed to mean a great deal to him that John had kept an heirloom pocketknife that Jed had given him. It was actually a really sweet moment between Jed and John. If things had stopped there, I would’ve ended this season with a warmer heart toward Jed. However, Jed just couldn’t leave it alone. After Roger died, Jed figured out how to extract the tomorrow people DNA from him and make a serum to give John his powers back. What it looks like Jed didn’t tell John is that he also figured out how to wipe out John’s memories. It looks like he wiped out everything that happened after John left Ultra because John didn’t recognize a picture of Cara when he saw her. I may have pointed a few choice words in Jed’s direction when I saw what he did to John. Jed is a very sick, twisted man. I think he really believes that he loves John, and maybe in his own twisted way he does. But there is a difference between love and control, and Jed wants the latter. The sad thing is, I don’t believe it will last. There was a reason that John chose to leave Jedikiah before and it was more than just over killing Roger. I suppose Jed thinks that by wiping John’s memory he’ll be able to maintain control, but love is a powerful thing and John loves Cara. He’ll find his way back to her. I’m sure of it. In the end, Jed will lose John anyway.

I don’t think we’re done with The Founder. Not by a long shot. It all just seemed entirely too easy. Yes, Stephen had to fight him, but it was all wrapped up a little too neatly for me. The fight didn’t last all that long, and I’m not entirely sure what happened with The Founder. I can’t tell if he got sucked into Limbo or whether Stephen caused time to collapse in on itself and suck the machine and The Founder in too. It looked like the machine and The Founder just got sucked into another dimension though. I’m also not really clear on how Stephen seems to have obtained the power to reverse time. The Founder ( in true villain form) was monologuing about the machine and how tomorrow people should rule the world and how the machine was Roger’s legacy and blah blah blah. Stephen took that opportunity to siphon some of the machine’s power to create the portal that sucked The Founder in. It also seems that whatever power Stephen got also gave him the ability to reverse time. At least, that’s the best I can put together. It’s an interesting turn of events because it remains to be seen how Stephen’s interference with the natural order will affect things. It’ll also be interesting to see whether this is a permanent ability or whether it’s just leftover power from the machine. Even though The Founder is gone, at least for the moment, I don’t think Stephen and the others should let their guard down too much. Apparently Natalie and some of the other tomorrow people The Founder recruited injected themselves with the serum which allows them to kill, and they don’t seem to shy about doing it. Especially Natalie. I’m really looking forward to the day that chick gets her comeuppance. She’s just a bad seed.

I’m sad to say that I’m kind of done with Russell too. In last week’s episode he betrayed his friends and turned Roger in without so much as a blink or a question about the consequences. He didn’t care that millions of innocent people were going to die. He didn’t care that he’d betrayed his family. He didn’t care what The Founder was planning to do with Roger. Now, all of a sudden, Russell’s got all these questions about what The Founder is gonna do with Roger. Now he wants to know why The Founder wants Cara. Now he wants to know what The Founder is planning to do with all the other tomorrow people. Now he’s asking questions. These are all questions he should’ve been asking in the first place. Now that he realizes how monumentally he screwed up, NOW he wants to make it right. The thing is, he can’t make it right. Not really. Roger is dead because of Russell. I don’t know why Stephen and Cara let Russell come back after what he did because it should be pretty clear to them that they can no longer trust him. Stephen was furious that Russell had turned Roger in, and the justification Russell gave was thought he was going to die. Seriously dude? That’s all you got? Like that makes it ok to betray your family because you thought you were going to die. That does not make it ok. It just doesn’t sit well with me that they forgave Russell and let him come back into the inner circle so easily because he most certainly does not deserve it.

As far as season finale’s go, this one wasn’t bad. As I mentioned before, everything was wrapped up in a little bit too nice of a bow at the end, but I suppose that’s what happens when a show doesn’t know whether it’s coming back for another season. I am still loving Astrid and it really sucks that John doesn’t remember that they were starting a relationship. Poor Astrid can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to the love department. Natalie and her ilk are going to be a problem. It’s not surprising that she fell into lockstep with The Founder so easily, because she appears to be just as sick and depraved as he was. The major complication is that she’s now a tomorrow person who can kill, and although Stephen may say that’s not who tomorrow people are, that’s who Natalie is. Unfortunately, I foresee a civil war amongst tomorrow people. It’ll be an interesting story arc if The Tomorrow People gets a second season. It took this show a little while to find it’s sea legs, but once it did I think they came out alright. They’ve created some interesting characters and interesting stories. so I’m hopeful we’ll get to continue on this journey. Fingers crossed. So what did y’all think of The Tomorrow People season finale?