Survivor Season 28 Review “Havoc to Wreak”

Havoc to Wreak

Survivor returned tonight with “Havoc to Wreak”, as the growing animosity between Tony and Kass hit a fever pitch, all stemming from a very odd misunderstanding.

I totally thought that Kass wasn’t being serious at first. I thought she was trying to make stuff up that Tony said in order to rile up Tasha and Trish, but she apparently actually thought that Tony called her a b****. I’m not sure what Tony said that Kass misconstrued as a bad name, but this was really weird. It’s surprising that this doesn’t happen more often on this show, where somebody would just straight up hear somebody else incorrectly. I seriously can’t think of another instance where someone has completely misunderstood someone else on this show. It was all really odd, and it led to some very ugly and hard-to-watch bickering between Tony and Kass.

The reward challenge wasn’t the most complex one that we’ve ever seen, but I really like the idea of sabotaging the other teams’ puzzle before having to solve it. I hope they can take this idea and expand upon it with a more interesting challenge in the future.

The actual reward was the classic outing to a local school where the winners get to give gifts to the kids and hang out with them. Woo was unsurprisingly a great entertainer, getting to show off his karate and basketball handling skills. Woo may not be the smartest player to ever play this game, but the dude is consistently fun to watch. He’s just got an infectious level of enthusiasm, and he constantly seems happy. Just look at that huge grin on his face during the immunity challenge!

The immunity challenge was yet another one that was a little more geared towards the “brains” players, so Spencer wins it yet again. Spence and Tasha have won the majority of the individual immunity challenges thus far, so I’m surprised they haven’t had more strength or endurance type challenges to help even things out.

I have a question about Tony’s new Super Idol: How long does it last for? Have they ever confirmed that? We only have six players left, and most idols can’t be played past the final five, but Tony was questioning whether or not he should play his normal Idol. So this makes it seem like the Super Idol can in fact be played past the final six. Otherwise he would just automatically play his regular idol on himself tonight, and then his Super Idol could be played next week if they vote him out. So it seems that his Super Idol can be kept even longer than that, but that makes it way too powerful. If he can keep it in the final four, then he’s already guaranteeing himself a spot in the final three and at the final Tribal Council! The reason they give Idols an expiration date is to prevent this kind of thing from happening!

So at the end of the day, Woo got cold feet and decided against turning on Tony and flushing the idol. This is especially disappointing due to my concerns in the above paragraph, because now it seems that Tony is basically able to waltz directly into the final three. I’m hoping someone can throw a wrench into his plans, or that we can hear that his Super Idol has an expiration date, otherwise it seems like you can just end the game right now and give Tony the million bucks.

Random Thoughts:

– I was a little bummed that Tasha didn’t win her fourth consecutive immunity idol. It would have been cool to see somebody set a new record!

– You can’t say “douchebag” on TV? Out of all of the other swear words that they drop on this show, and all of the terrible things they can say on shows like 2 Broke Girls and Two and a Half Men, this seems like an odd double standard to me.

– Why can’t they cover the Tribal Council set? It’s really distracting trying to listen to Jeff Probst when he looks ridiculous as his beautiful hair is dripping wet.