NCIS Season 11 Review “The Admiral’s Daughter” – Do What You Gotta Do

The Admiral's Daughter

In this episode of NCIS, called “The Admiral’s Daughter,” Tony takes a special assignment to France and ends up on the run with a girl who has more secrets than he originally thought.

Another wonderful Tony episode that was, once again, so much more than the previews led me to believe. I figured we’d see Tony bungling around France chasing after a spoiled brat, but I didn’t know how much more there would be to the story than that.

I was happy that Tony’s assignment was known to Gibbs, if not everyone else on the team. We’ve seen what happens when Gibbs has his Senior Field Agent taken away without his permission. Having McGee and Bishop in the dark allowed for some fun jokes at both Tony’s and their expense (once they realized why he was really there). I guess they can’t let Tony be the hero on this show without making him a clown first, but at least he had plenty of time to make up for that. When you think about it, he did a pretty bang-up job on this mission, even with all of the challenges thrown his way. He was arrested, charged with murder, had his gun taken away, was chased by a bad French cop and discovered a spy ring all in the space of, what, a couple days? Tops? That’s our Tony.

Finding out that Amanda was actually a spy was a fantastic plot twist. As was Tony realizing it was all an act. I enjoyed how the online game was used as a super-secret way for Tony to get messages back and forth to Gibbs and I thought it was perfect that Palmer was the one to get the first message and figure it out. Nice call-back to the friendship that Tony and his favorite autopsy gremlin still share.

Speaking of everyone’s favorite autopsy gremlin, I could not be happier or more excited for Jimmy and Breena’s new baby. I wondered if that might happen after their tragic experience with losing the baby they were going to adopt. Again, it was perfect that Tony was the one who figured out Breena’s message to Jimmy.

Can’t believe it’s time for the finale and I know it will be both amazing and heartbreaking, judging by the fact that the preview had me in tears.

My favorite bits:

Tony asking Vance if he was being punk’d.

Finding out that Vance already told Gibbs about Tony’s assignment. Thank goodness. I hate it when he’s asked to keep something from Gibbs. It never works out.

McGee asking if he was being punk’d when he found out Tony’s assignment. Ha!

“Who do you know that surfs more questionable websites than yours truly?” – The man does have a point.

Finding out that Ducky was addicted to an online game.

Gibbs and McGee holding up their go-bags when Bishop made fun of Tony for having one at his desk.

“The French do see arrogance as a virtue, so you’ll be welcome there.” Ouch, Ducky.

Gibbs ordering McGee into the tank. Ha!

Tony walking into a crime scene. Oops.

Gibbs pointing out that at least he didn’t have to climb in the tank with Abby.

Gibbs and Tony speaking short-hand while Tony was surrounded by the French police.

“Unless you would like to make that call.”
“I’d rather get in that septic tank.”

Tony pointing out that Amanda was easy to find, thanks to all her Tweets.

Inspector Cheblis shooting her partner?? Whoa!

“Don’t confuse age with rust, Mr. Palmer.”

Tony pointing out that the good and bad police didn’t have labels.

“Except I took the battery out five hours ago.”

“I can’t believe I’m putting my life in the hands of the cast from Less Than Zero.”
“Never mind.” – Oh man, now I feel old.

Tony on a party bus. That is all.

Tony deciding on a way to use Symbolese to get a message to Gibbs. Brilliant!

Bishop figuring out that McGee was using a trick coin. Good girl.

“Blood I can handle. And brains, you know, I like brains. But a septic tank, it’s a lot harder.”

Gibbs finally letting McGee and Bishop in on why Tony was in France and off-grid. I was getting tired of the snide comments.

Palmer explaining how he knew Tony called him “Autopsy Gremlin” on the game. Aw.

Tony trying to stay calm on the bus by reminding himself that he was a continent.

“You’re welcome, by the way.”
“For what?”
“For saving your bony ass, Princess Leia.”

Tony realizing that Amanda’s whole game was an act and she was actually a spy. Whoa! Major twist.

“It’s Three Days of the Condor, except. I’m Faye Dunaway.”

Gibbs’ relief when he heard Tony’s voice on the phone. Aw.

“Stay safe, Tony.”
“You, too.”

Poor Tony squished into the back of that teeny, tiny car.

Amanda taking down Cheblis. Nice!

“You’re bluffing.”
“Am I?”

Tony telling Amanda he didn’t call in the rescue team, but it had Leroy Jethro Gibbs written all over it.

Tony pointing out that he and his father had similar problems.

“I best State was pretty pissed off you went behind their back bringing in Interpol.”
“You gotta do what you gotta do.”

Breena’s pregnant! I knew it before Jimmy even turned the phone around. OMG! OMG! OMG!

“Oh…!” – Who else was waiting for Jimmy to pass out? LOVED how they played a lullaby over the ending title card.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!