NCIS: LA Season 5 Review “Exposure”


“They always come back, Owen. Until one day they don’t.”

And with that statement NCIS: LA goes into the Season 5 finale. Lining up the tone more than plot for next week, “Exposure” was mostly a strong episode showcasing each member of the team along with a solid story. The one fault I’m going to lay on it is the ending. Everything went back to normal too quickly following a terrorist attack that had our characters meditating on their feelings for those they loved. This episode had echoes of the Boston marathon, addressed the constant horrors that plague the Sudan, and even delved into the ruthlessness of the journalist. While Hetty had her ominous line to Owen at the end, none of the occurrences prior felt like they made a lasting impact. Sure, Eric and Nell finally expressed their thoughts to one another on sticky notes (which was a great moment for Barrett Foa and Renee Felice Smith), and Sam took a moment while holding a child’s shoe at the attack scene to think about his daughter. Other than that though, the slate seemed to be wiped clean by the closing moments. NCIS: LA is not The Wire, Homeland, or The Americans, but it had a wonderful chance to explore the ramifications of Bakri Deng’s (Anthony Okungbowa) actions and motives along with Dana Steele’s (Tiffany Dupont) reliance on making her story stick. Over a year later, the effects of the Boston marathon still linger. The terror group Boko Haram continues to hold over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls. And any news outlet still jumps at the mention of a connection to the missing Malaysian airplane, no matter how flimsy. Every aspect of “Exposure” could have been continued through next week.

Instead we got a normal finish to an otherwise tense and engaging episode. Bakri Deng revealed the location of the other two salvaged cars holding the HMX with Sam talking down one of Deng’s roommates and Callen killing the other. Again, I see that the heavy tone will be carried through the finale based on the previews. Like Hetty said, they always come back, until the don’t. All our team members returned last night, but now we have to worry who may not next time.

From My Sticky Note
– Hetty’s quote to Owen about the terrorists picking the wrong city reminded me of Boston. #YouDontMessWithBoston

– Dana Steele is another interesting, cutthroat character played by Tiffany Dupont. My personal favorite is her Frannie from Greek.

– I doubt we’ll see him again, but I’d like a mention about Bakri Deng’s outcome. The man lost his wife and children and became a terrorist to spur the US into action in Sudan. Did he get his wish?

– So Callen doesn’t know who Waldo is? I understand he probably was born in Europe, but he bounced between foster care in the United States. He never came across dear Waldo then?

– If anyone happens to die next week my hope is that it’s Owen Granger. I do enjoy Miguel Ferrer as an actor, but he can be on any tv show and do just fine. Also, I’m still not over NCIS killing Mike Franks and don’t think I could handle a huge death here!

Best quotes
“Teal. That’s a bold choice.” – Deeks
“It’s bad car-ma.” – Callen (such a Fozzie Bear joke wocka wocka)