Criminal Minds Season 9 Review “Angels”


Criminal Minds kicked off it’s two-part season finale event with “Angels”. Next week will appropriately be titled “Demons”, so I was interested to see how these two episodes would tie together, and if we would get some kind of cliffhanger tonight to keep us excited for next week!

After a quick opening scene shows our victim getting shot in the back of the head, we catch back up with our team as they get called in to the office. It sounded like they were just shooting the breeze talking about what they were doing before they got called in, and then we tumbled headlong into an incredibly awkward and wildly inappropriate discussion about JJ’s sex life. Did anybody else think this was totally weird and out of place? I understand that these people have been working cases together for years now, but we so rarely see them talking about personal stuff that an in depth discussion of the frequency of JJ’s intimate times comes out of nowhere.

Things got even more awkward with JJ when Cruz showed up at the BAU. I’m not sure why he showed up, though. He said that his friend in Texas was the one who let him know about these prostitutes being murdered, but he didn’t even bother flying out with the rest of the team. He just stood there for the debriefing and fumbled with the remote for a few minutes. It seems like they’re just handing Esai Morales a paycheck for the episode, because he sure didn’t do much here.

The other guest stars were a lot more fun, with my favorite being the Preacher Mills played by Brett Cullen, who I most recently saw on Revenge. Another guest star who was recently on Revenge was Michael Trucco, who played the actual Unsub Owen McGregor. Trucco was only in the last fifteen minutes, but you can be sure that he’ll play a much bigger role in the season finale next week.

The final scene was a bit silly, with Preacher Mills deciding to have a shootout with a bunch of cops instead of trying to plead his case. I’m sure that he could have just walked out with his hands up and said “Hey, I didn’t shoot those people! My prints aren’t on the gun, and you can check the phone records from my cell phone to see that some guy just called me and admitted to framing me!” I get that he’s panicking and not in the position to make smart decisions, but he’s such an experienced criminal that you’d think he’d be able to figure something else out.

Instead he decides to start shooting people, and both Reid and Morgan catch a bullet! Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer promised that fans of her show will be able “to take a deep breath”, so my guess is that both of these characters will pull through. However, the scenes for next week promises that one of the team members will be saying goodbye forever, so I wonder who it is. My guess is that it’s Blake, as she really hasn’t caught on with the fans, and nobody will be expecting that since she isn’t one of the ones that got shot.

What do you think will happen next week? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– So Michael Trucco’s character was named “Owen McGregor”? That name sounded distractingly similar to Ewan MacGregor, star of Star Wars and Moulin Rouge.

– Did anybody else notice that the gun that shot Tabitha in the back of the head was pointing down, but the blood spatter was up above her head on the window?

– There wasn’t really much reason to talk about her in the review, but I just wanted to mention that the actress who played Dinah is named Tamara Clatterbuck. What a name!