Awkward Season 4 Review “Sophmore Sluts”


Having not attended an American high school myself, the idea of spirit week on this episode of Awkward, ‘Sophomore Sluts’, just went way over my head. It’s a good job that the show does such an awesome job of creating this strange, twisted high school world that the characters live in, then, with all of the characters avoiding their problems by leaping head first into new ones. Spirit week or not, tensions were high in this episode, and it’s only going to get worse.

Because last year might have been Jenna’s time to go off the deep end, but season four looks to be the boy’s turn to act a little nuts. Matty is probably Awkward’s strongest dramatic character (who’d have thought it?) at this point so, saddling him with an adoption storyline so soon after his somewhat noble reaction to Jenna’s bad behaviour in season three was a smart move, and gives the writers room to try him out with different pairings before inevitably deciding on his ex in the end.

We know from the previews that there’s a hook-up with Sadie in the future, and for now he’s settling for Eva and the titular sophomores. Jake, too, has more agency than he’s ever had, what with him always previously being in a relationship with one of the girls and, despite the slightly disappointing Catfish storyline Tamara has going on, it’s fun to watch the boys have fun and act like teenagers for a change. Guys on teen dramas rarely get to act like anything but sensitive objects of affection and lust, so this is new.

Sadie is still the comic relief, which isn’t a bad thing in itself since she’s so good at it, but it’ll be interesting to see if the writers attempt to develop her as a character more this season. We’ve had touches of it before, but her function as the snark-deliverer limits her a lot. I’d like to see her get a real love interest that becomes a part of the show, for example, and there’s certainly room for a guy outside of the Matty/Jake partnership to be introduced this year.

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