Once Upon a Time Season 3 Review “Kansas”

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 20 Kansas (23)

On this week’s Once Upon a Time, the Charming’s baby finally arrived. What should be a happy moment quickly turns into a nightmare when Zelena appears and steals the baby. His innocence is the last ingredient needed for her time travel spell. We know there’s no way that a show based on fairy tales is going to let a little baby die. Thus, it’s no great surprise when Zelena’s plans are thwarted. What is an interesting twist is that it’s not Emma who stops her. Regina embraces her lighter side and becomes one of the good guys. But will she stay that way?

A large part of the episode was a look back at Zelena’s time in Oz. Even after getting a place at the witches’ table and a new surrogate family, Zelena wasn’t strong enough to overcome her jealous tendencies. When Dorothy Gale drops into Oz and Glinda showers attention on the girl, it’s too much for Zelena. I have to say, this was one motley looking Dorothy. Her hair look like a ratty mess and her dress was like something from a stripmall Halloween store.

Dorothy’s arrival leads Zelena to believe that she is part of a prophecy where it’s described that a new girl defeats a great evil. Zelena assumes she is the great evil. Glinda tries to explain that Zelena can control her own destiny. To confirm her suspicions that Glinda is secretly against her, Zelena stages a confrontation with Dorothy. The nice twist is that while Dorothy thinks she melts Zelena with the bucket of water, it’s all a ruse. During these scenes, I kept thinking that it was going to be a big loss if the gang actually did kill the Wicked Witch in the end. Rebecca Mader has really been an energizing addition to the cast.

In Storybrooke, the loss of Snow’s baby sends everyone into a panic. The problem is that Zelena seems unstoppable. Everyone holds out hope that Emma can stop her, until they discover that Emma’s lost her magic. I loved the exchange between Hook and Emma where she chastised him for thinking that she would actually let him die. She is really fighting the chemistry between them, but she won’t be able to hold out forever. She has a swarthy hottie with eyeliner relentlessly pursuing her…how could she turn that down?

It turns out that the best person to take down Zelena is her sister. At Henry’s encouragement, Regina decides to join the side of right and channel her white magic power. Lana Parilla deserves a lot of credit for making this transition from good to bad feel genuine. Not only is she looking amazing, her character has transformed into one of the emotional pillars of the show. Regina’s love for Henry and his belief in her gives her the strength to challenge Zelena. When she triumphs, she takes Zelena’s pendant and puts it in her vault. She has an interesting expression on her face, though, when she does this. It’s almost like the evil queen is still lurking underneath the surface.

While the consensus is to keep Zelena alive, Rumplestiltskin disagrees. In a shocking turn, he tricks Belle into thinking that he’s given her the Dark One’s knife. They share this touching moment where she gives him the knife (and his freedom) and he returns it to her in a display of trust. Not so fast. He shows up at the jail to kill Zelena and confesses that he tricked Belle. Rumple, Rumple, Rumple. Will you never learn? Belle will inevitably figure out what he’s done, and he can kiss a happy ending goodbye.

We’re closing in on the end of the season. Hopefully, the writers will be able to look back and see what did and didn’t work. Neverland was a big, boring, bust, and one witch managed to save the game in the end.

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