The Originals Season 1 Review “The Battle of New Orleans”

The Battle of New Orleans

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” it was finally time to begin the war in earnest, in “The Battle of New Orleans.” This one did not disappoint, with all manners of double-crossing and sly twists happening at every turn. Of course, in times of war, all bets are off, so none of the involved parties should be that surprised that things were bound to go awry at some point. The question was, in what way? And in whose favor?

Wisely, I thought, the show went for the less obvious route, with Klaus and company actually getting hoodwinked not only by Genevieve (which Klaus rightly suspected might happen), but much more unexpectedly, by Francesca, who secured the stones needed for G’s spell, after Marcel intercepted Oliver and Jackson on their way to deliver them to Klaus. Now I can see where some might have suspected that Francesca was shady because, well, she is shady.

What I didn’t see coming was that she was also a werewolf, as were her brothers, and they opted to side with G, not Klaus. Like Klaus, I fell for her saying she wanted to side with the winning team, because the Originals are the winning team, more often than not. But the one exception is the witches, who have consistently gotten the better of everyone else, including Klaus himself, so it makes perfect sense that Francesca would side with them.

Once you discovered she had it out for Hayley’s side of the werewolf clan, and was the one responsible for that bombing, not Marcel, it all began to add up. In return for Hayley and the enchanted stones which granted the werewolves power to change, or not change, at will, Francesca nailed down the humans power position and aligned them with the witches, yet also maintained her family’s secret identities as werewolves. After all, they can change when they want to now, so keeping their secret a secret should be a breeze.

What’s more, every time they change, it drains Klaus of power, weakening him to the point of rendering him near-powerless. That’s a definite win for Francesca and the witches all around, and they’ve got Hayley to boot, so they can complete the ceremony. The only thing that doesn’t entirely add up is why G would be so determined to make that happen when it basically signifies her end- or does it? Originally, she was supposed to give her own life to bring back the final witch from the Harvest, then she was told that if she killed the baby that would suffice, but does that still mean she gets to live? I’m a bit fuzzy on that one.

My thinking was that doing the deal with one of the Originals would grant her access to the Grimoire, which she could them use to counteract Monique and the witchy forces against her. Obviously, she can kiss that access goodbye. But she did get Hayley, who she brought to the church to complete her task at hand: sacrificing the baby about to be born. In doing so, she made a powerful enemy, though, so she may be regretting that particular decision sooner than later, what with Klaus hot on her and the other witches’ trail. At this point in time, though, the witches clearly have the upper hand, as do Francesca and her people.

Meanwhile, Marcel’s people have been decimated almost single-handedly by Elijah, who literally made the fountains runs red with their blood, albeit with an assist from Francesca’s werewolves. Marcel himself was almost taken out by Klaus, but got lucky when Francesca’s use of the stones weakened him and Marcel was able to escape. So, overall, the vampires are not faring too well right about now. Klaus’ last potential ally, willing or not, was Davina, and now she hates him even more for not returning to heal Josh- so much so that she’s planning to help Mikael return to wreak more havoc on the Originals. The vamps may have won the battle, but the war is not looking very good in their favor, so they better enjoy the victory while they can, because things are going south fast.

I must say, though I think it’s a safe bet that they’re not going to kill a freaking baby on the season finale- what is this, “American Horror Story?”- neither are they necessarily going to end on a high note. The Originals have so many people gunning for them at this point that I can’t imagine how they are going to wriggle out of it completely unscathed. At least one major character is bound to go down, and as tempting as it is to think that it’s Genevieve, it might not be.

If anything, that would be the obvious way to go, and the show has been pretty decent at skirting the obvious and instead knocking viewers for a loop. I think maybe Monique may be the one to get clipped, instead, and G will wriggle out by the skin of her teeth in the process, getting out while the getting’s good and maybe hiding amongst the Francesca werewolves, or even with Davina. Meanwhile, Davina will bring back Mikael, causing even more chaos. Who knows how things will pan out, in light of everything else?

What did you think of “The Originals”? Any guesses on how everything will go down? Who do think will meet an untimely end, if anyone? Who would you like to see bite it? (Figuratively, not literally.) How will the season end? Will Mikael return? How about Rebekah? Will Davina go to the dark side, thanks to all the stuff with Klaus going sideways? Which witch will remain standing when all is said and done, if any? Sound off below and see you for the big finale!