Star-Crossed Season 1 Review “This Trick May Chance to Scathe You”

This Trick May Chance to Scathe You"

Roman, Drake and Grayson make an unlikely team in the latest episode of Star-Crossed. The 12th episode of the season also saw Teri continue to help Castor while a Mardi Gras celebration takes over the town.

On to the highlights:

In the opening of the episode Roman still thinks Emery may have joined the Red Hawks. He’s angry, but after she keeps her calm and explains that she is no more a Red Hawk than he is a Trag, the two seem to be back on the same page. Emery talks him into letting her help get the bomb out of the sector. It isn’t long before Sophia and Lukas join the four to help smuggle the suvec out. Seeing the six team up was a nice change of pace.

Teri has formed a strange and eery relationship with Castor. She even offers up the information that the Trags have built a bomb to kill the humans. With Vega a powerful figure, it’s hard to believe that she isn’t aware of where her daughter has been. Roman seems to know that something is going on with Teri. He recognizes a cuff she is wearing that belongs to his family and warns her.

Roman and Grayson create a believable distraction while Sophia, Lukas and Emery attempt to push the bomb out of the sector. There is a lot of truth behind their words as Roman tells Grayson that Emery may be fooled by him, but he doesn’t believe that he is no longer a destructive Red Hawk. Grayson senses that its all about Emery for Roman. Grayson accuses him of being upset that Emery has left him, pouring salt in his wounds.

Drake and his mother have one of the best relationships in the land of ‘Star-Crossed’. While Drake spent most of his time in the episode as her hostage, she finally gives in to let him warn the group as they continue to try and move the bomb out of sector. Their goodbye at the end of the hour was heartfelt as he explains he will be a father soon. But it was just minutes before the end that the show runners gave us some of the biggest surprises of the night. Castor stabs Roman and in turn Teri stabs Castor after she discovers what he has done. Grayson also falls victim to Zoe who shows up from nowhere. We’ll see what happens next when ‘Star-Crossed’ airs its season finale next week.