Metal Hurlant Chronicles (Syfy) Episode 7 & 8 “Loyal Khondor/Second Son”

Metal Hurlant Chronicles Episodes 7 & 8 “Loyal Khondor/Second Son” airs Monday, May 5th at 10PM ET/PT on Syfy.

Episode Synopsis: Metal Hurlant Chronicles (Syfy) episode 7 & 8 “Loyal Khondor/Second Son” – A loyal warrior seeks an elixir to cure his beloved princess from the dreaded “cold disease.” Two brothers battle for control of a kingdom with unique values about life and death.

Show Summary: Based on the popular comics anthology Metal Hurlant, each of the 12-episodes in this series take place on a different planet with a different cast, linked together by the presence of an asteroid, which plays a vital role in their lives – and the future of their civilization. The international cast includes James Marsters, Rutger Hauer, Michael Jai White and Joe Flanigan.