Continuum Season 3 Review “Waning Minutes”


For all its brilliant action and character work, Continuum has always been a show bursting with ideas it wants to talk about. Sometimes these things are integrated into the story and sometimes we take a break and discuss them at greater length. ‘Waning Minutes’ is an example of the latter, with an entire hour spent in flashback to the days when Keira was still a corporate drone and Sonya hadn’t yet been recruited to Liber8. Who’s worse off? The people who adhere to society’s restrictions or those who live in fear of them?

Flashback episodes aren’t my favourite kind of television, and the fact that they seem to invariably come after something monumental has gone down in present day weakens my interest even more. If any show would be able to make them interesting, it’s Continuum, simply because it’s flashbacks for Kiera are also its flash-forwards for Alec, but the amount of new information or fresh insight we’re offered still doesn’t outweigh the tedium of having to take an entire week away from the main storylines.

Then again, the show’s willingness to discuss things from both sides of the story was what sold me and many others on it in the first place, and ‘Waning Minutes’ isn’t without virtue. An episode set in the past would have been bettered served by a more likeable Kiera, however, with season three’s incarnation of our protagonist becoming increasingly antagonistic, and seeing her back swearing allegiance to a corrupt government doesn’t mend that. There was also the rare opportunity to develop Kiera’s husband a little more, and that opportunity was largely wasted. Flashback episodes are fine, as long as they matter.

What did you think of the episode? Would you have rather spent time in present-day, or did you appreciate Kiera’s trip down memory lane? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.