Castle Season 6 Review “Veritas”

Castle Season 6 Episode 20 That '70s Show (1)

On the penultimate episode before the big finale, “Castle”- and by extension, Beckett, got one hell of a wedding gift and it wasn’t the good kind, on “Veritas.” Or was it? After a political consultant that Beckett was tailing on the sly, Jason Marks, was killed, Beckett suspected she was getting close to the information she needed to take down the nefarious Bracken, who, when we last encountered him, was close to running for President. When she discovered that Marks was seen with Vulcan, the drug dealer that Bracken was using to help fund his campaign, she knew it, but soon after, she was unceremoniously dumped from the case, only to see Vulcan get off on a technicality.

Taking matters into her own hands, she goes to investigate the car Marks was killed in and Vulcan shows up. The next day, he’s found dead- and the bullet matches to Beckett’s gun. Faster than you can say Internal Affairs, Beckett is on the run. Working with Castle, they figure out that Smith, the shadowy man who helped protect Beckett from Bracken previously, faked his own death and get in touch with him. He tells them that there may be a recording out there incriminating Bracken, but no one, including himself, can find it. With Marks dead, that’s pretty much their only hope.

Bracken eventually tracks Beckett down himself (“So, I guess there’s no point in asking for your vote.”), and sets about trying to kill her, but the wily Beckett escapes and kills her captors, but not before Bracken can distance himself from the event. Castle rescues a wobbly Kate, but when she insists they go back to look for the tape, they’re busted. Fortunately for her, she remembers something former Captain Montgomery told her and puts two-and-two together and finds the tape hidden in a knick-knack her mother gave her that she kept on her desk. Faster than you can say, “We’ll do it live!” Bracken is busted, and Beckett’s mother’s death is solved and she is completely exonerated.

So, that was that, and I don’t know about you, but I have mixed feelings about this episode. On the one hand, it’s nice to see Beckett finally bust the man essentially responsible for her mother’s death, in the sense that he directly ordered it. On the other, it happened so quickly, and it was such a sort of deus ex machina that it was more than a little bit unsatisfying.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it was great seeing Bracken busted, and to see Montgomery again. But to have the tape be right there in plain sight just when Beckett seemed doomed and just when she most needed it…it was a little bit convenient, that’s all. I’m glad it happened; it was just a bit anticlimactic. Sort of like when Al Capone was busted…for tax evasion. I mean, he was still busted, so there’s that, but you kind of want it to be with a bang not a whimper, you know?

On the plus side, the scene where Beckett took care of Bracken’s thugs was plenty awesome, and like I said, it was gratifying seeing Bracken busted, on live TV, no less. It just seemed oddly muted by the way it happened, IMHO. Almost like it was tossed off a bit, and with as much build up as there was leading up to it, that’s unfortunate. Maybe it was the fact that it was built up so much for so long and then dropped for a bit before finishing it off now. Perhaps if they had gone from the episode where Beckett discovered the drug connection right into this, it would a worked a bit better.

As it stands, it was okay on the whole, but not nearly as satisfying as it could or even should have been, you know? That said, I suppose with that mystery finally wrapped up, we can move on into something else altogether. The question is, what will that be? I guess we’ll get hints of it next week, in the season finale- not to mention the big wedding, assuming that happens as planned. From the looks of it, there will definitely be speed-bumps, if the preview is any indication. Fingers crossed they come up with something unique and interesting to set up the next season!

What did you think of “Castle” this week? Did you like the way the show resolved the whole Bracken thing? Or was it a bit too easy for your tastes, too? What do you think will happen in the finale? Will Beckett and Castle make it to the altar? Or will something big come up to stop them? Sound off below and see you for the big finale!