Bates Motel Season 2 Review “The Immutable Truth”

Bates Motel Season 2 Episode 10 The Immutable Truth (3)

After an exciting and (mostly) successful second season, Bates Motel concluded it’s short ten episode sophomore outing with tonight’s great finale “The Immutable Truth”. With a lot of loose ends to tie up, including Norman being trapped in a box and him still being a prime suspect in Blair Watson’s murder, tonight’s finale actually introduced a few new storylines into the mix that should help set up season three quite nicely.

Well we can scratch one of those story lines off our list pretty quickly here, as Norman is discovered in his box before the opening credits roll! I’m not sure why they even bothered keeping him trapped in that box through all of the last episode if they’re just going to spring him out so quickly, but I guess they had a lot of other stuff they wanted Norman to do. The whole “can we find Norman before he dies in that box” wasn’t going to be the main source of suspense, I guess.

It’s barely worth writing a paragraph about it, but I suppose I should mention Christine confronting Norma at the supermarket. That was weird. The whole relationship between these two was kinda weird from the beginning, as it never made sense why Christine thought to extend the olive branch to Norma. Was it just because she liked Norma’s audition that much? I thought there might have been something nefarious behind Christine and her brother George being so kind to Norma, but it looks like that wasn’t the case. I guess Norma’s not going to be a city council member anymore, but I never really cared about that anyway.

The big pot roast dinner showdown between Norma and Norman was yet another electric scene between these two great actors, with Norman finally admitting that he thinks he slept with and killed Miss Watson. I’m not sure if Norma truly doesn’t believe that Norman killed Miss Watson, or if she’s just managed to delude herself into believing that Norman is innocent, but either way Farmiga is still fascinating to watch.

I was so excited that Norman seemed to finally be coming clean with Emma, but then he only revealed to her that Dylan is Norma and Caleb’s son. While it makes me happy when anybody is honest with Emma about anything, it bums me out that she didn’t get to hear any more secrets. At least that one little secret was enough to get her to stick around at the motel for now, so it looks like we’ll see Olivia Cooke next season! Hooray!

The whole shootout at Jodie’s house was a bit of a letdown for me. I already complained a bit last week about how smart and cautious Zane Morgan had suddenly become, even though he was cartoonishly reckless and unruly in his first few episodes. So now he’s apparently acquired the ability to sniff out a trap from a mile away, and he cuts the lights at his sister’s house on his way to killing her. Zane making the sudden transformation from a crazy and unpredictable madman into a criminal mastermind is still bugging me, but apparently he won’t be bugging me for much longer.

Jodie’s death probably should have had a little more weight, but the whole scene was so awkwardly done that it didn’t really resonate with me at all. She just lashed out at her brother with a knife, and then stood still waiting for him to turn around and blow her away. Romero killing Morgan was a lot cooler because they’ve had such a contentious history together, and Romero also got to drop that cool one-liner before pulling the trigger. I’m a little disappointed that both Nick Ford and the Morgan siblings have bit the dust, so now it looks like Dylan will be the de facto leader a lot faster than he should be. Meh. I guess we’ll see how that goes next season.

The big showdown in the woods was what many have been waiting for since episode one. We knew that Norman was the one who killed his father, but we finally got confirmation of that from Norma, which was huge for both of them. I was actually a little surprised that Norman didn’t react a little stronger to this news. I suppose he already knew the truth, and just had to hear his mother say it. Oh, and Norman was planning to go kill himself, right? It seemed like an odd way to do it, to just walk into the woods right next to your mom’s house. If you don’t want your mom to be hurt, and want her to believe that you’ve run away, then don’t just walk across the street in the middle of the day and let Emma see you. It’s almost as if he wanted Norma to chase him down.

The final scene was really cool, if a bit predictable. You knew he wasn’t going to fail the test and go to jail or anything, but the way that he was able to call upon his dark side so quickly was really great. This is a huge step towards being the murderer we know he’s growing up to be, as you figure he’ll eventually be able to switch back and forth between “normal” and “killer” mode at will.

We know that A&E has already renewed Bates Motel for a third season, and I’m very excited to see what they’ll do next. I would bet that Norman will start making some kills pretty soon, and I’ll definitely be there to see it all go down!

What did you think of this second season? Will you be tuning in next season?

Random Thoughts:

– Man, could they have made that lie detector room any more intimidating?! Surely a more neutral location would produce more accurate results.

– What snappy name should we use for Norman’s murderous side? Like on Dexter it was called his “Dark Passenger”, but what is it called on this show?

– I get that it’s good news and all, but Norma jumping up to embrace Dylan when she hears that he passed sure looked weird. If you find out your son didn’t murder someone, you should probably say “Oh yeah, I totally knew that was gonna happen!”