’24: Live Another Day’ Interview: Executive Producers Evan Katz and Manny Coto on Chloe and Jack’s Bond and More

24: Live Another Day Episode 1 & 2 Day 9: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM/ Day 9: 12:00 PM-1:00 PM (32)

24: Live Another Day is poised to give us new insight on the iconic characters of Jack Bauer and Chloe O’Brian, and there are no two better men to discuss the event series and what it has in store than executive producers Evan Katz and Manny Coto. TV Equals joined in a conference call with the EPs where they discussed Jack and Chloe’s fractured relationship, new characters and why the event series could make for a fitting end to the 24 saga. Read on for highlights from the interview below (and get star Kiefer Sutherland’s take here).

24: Live Another Day premieres tonight, Monday, May 5th at 8/7c on Fox.

The New Chloe and Jack

The last time viewers saw Jack and Chloe was back in 2010 and Chloe was helping Jack escape. Fast forward to four years later and both have been through huge changes as they began living their lives underground. Chloe has gone all “Edward Snowden” on the government she once worked for and she is not ready to welcome Jack back into her life with open arms when he comes looking for her help. However, the journey these two characters go on will be the heart of the series.

“Jack was sent into exile for crimes he had committed against the state and against the Russians,” Coto said. “But the person who helped Jack go into exile was Chloe O’Brian. The very last scene of the series is Chloe turning off the satellite so Jack can get away.Well, we have to go with that; we can’t just ignore that. So the obvious place to go is that Chloe O’Brian herself came under scrutiny, herself was charged, and herself became a fugitive. Jack became a fugitive in his way; he’s a man of action. And Chloe, who is somebody who lives her life behind a keyboard, took “arms against the government” in her way, and became embittered and suffered her own personal tragedy. So it gives the characters a place to go to. It’s surprising, we haven’t seen them this way before, but we also get the dramatic reward of seeing them, possibly, come together again. And possibly reawaken their old selves.”

Exploring exactly what happened in these two characters’ lives will play a big role in the series. Chloe’s story will be particularly prominent in the first three episodes.

On Bringing Yvonne Strahovski Onboard

Chuck and Dexter star Yvonne Strahovski will play the role of pivotal new character Kate Morgan. Katz revealed it was important to them to have a female POV character this time around and to make her someone who could both relate to Jack and possible find peace by capturing him. “I’d say the first, at least, month or so of talking about the new season was largely focused on who this woman would be, what her backstory would be, and there was a lot of trial and error, but we wanted to make sure she had a wound, some kind of wound that pursuing Jack Bauer might potentially heal,” Katz said. “We also wanted to make sure that there was the potential for her to be able to relate to Jack in terms of personal tragedies they had experienced.”

The Final Answer To The Bathroom Question

We have the final answer to the age old question of whether or not Jack Bauer uses the bathroom during his busy world-saving days: yes, he does, and he does it while the focus is on other characters. Meanwhile, the other characters also use the bathroom while Jack is the onscreen focus. So the world can rest easy at last, Katz and Coto confirmed Jack Bauer is not giving himself a kidney infection in order to save Americans from terrorist attacks.

Why Bring Jack Back Now?

In short, they had a good story tell. For Katz and Coto all roads lead back to Jack and Chloe. They wanted to take the series to a new locale, touch on the modern political landscape and see what happens when Jack and Chloe are faced with the modern world. Seeing how Jack fits into the world as it is today and whether or not he has a place in it at all, is the series biggest running theme.

“Jack doesn’t fit into the world,” Coto explained. “It’s a challenge for him to find his place back into the world, and that’s actually part of what this season is about. Can Jack return to what he was? And the question is definitely up in the air. This is a man who wasn’t just exiled, but something has happened to him over these four years where he has been in exile and he has been running. There is a mystery as to what he was up to, there. Did Jack go through a period where he was not a hero? Where he turned, for lack of a better phrase, to the Dark Side? We don’t know. But it’s an interesting mystery. I’m saying we know, but you don’t know, yet. It’s an interesting mystery that’s part of the season. One of the themes that we’re working with is can Jack possibly return to this world?”

While neither EP was willing to fully close the door on future adventures with Jack, they approached Live Another Day as the ending in order to make the best 12 episodes of the series as possible.

“It has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and the ending could be the end of 24 for good, if you look at it that way,” said Coto. “One thing to keep in mind is we all came back to tell this one last story, one last day in Jack Bauer’s life. If there’s more beyond, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

24: Live Another Day Episode 1 & 2 Day 9: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM/ Day 9: 12:00 PM-1:00 PM (4)

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