Veep Season 3 Review “Fishing”

Veep rebounded from last week’s sub-par outing with “Fishing,” a strong episode that saw Selina finally name her campaign manager and gave just about every member of the team some funny material.

Dan is apparently the man for the job, which is a bit of a bummer. Sure, Diedrich Bader’s Bill was a really funny character, but it’s not like I actually thought he’d get the job; he was trying to get the entire supporting cast fired, after all. No, I just would’ve preferred seeing Amy get the job, as she’s always felt more deserving of the responsibility. Of course, this show frequently makes one question if anyone in power actually deserves it, and having Dan in charge is certain to cause some interesting friction.

So, I guess Kent is dating Sue now? I know he was flirting with her a few weeks ago, but I never expected she’d actually go out with him. Granted, Sue is such a surly character, it’s hard to imagine she’d want to be with anyone, but this is still such a strange situation for her to be in. As for Kent, he was such a curmudgeon last year, it’s weird to see him clearly whipped by Sue. This is the guy who disrespected Selina on a regular basis because she was just the veep. Honestly, this coupling is just flat-out bizarre.

The rest of the cast were given mini-plots, but they all had some strong laughs, from Gary struggling with his injured soldier to Dan having to try and kiss Jonah’s butt when Amy discovered he actually had an important relative. The best of these small stories had to be Mike’s attempts at IVF, with his little cooler freaking everyone out by the end of the episode. This all led to a great moment where the veep’s staffers, all liquored up, decided to go throw a spoiled batch of Mike’s seed at Jonah’s door. This show is usually failure sophisticated with its humor, but sometimes it’s all about the simple pleasures in life. Just ask Mike.

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