Orphan Black Season 2 Review “Mingling Its Own Nature With It”

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 3 Mingling Its Own Nature With It (1)
This week’s Orphan Black was positively brutal for poor Felix. After grabbing a bag and hitting the road with Sarah, without hesitating to leave his life behind, Felix learned the hard way that Sarah is all about Sarah. She’s quickly becoming my least favorite clone.

After doing some light shoplifting at the local convenience store, Sarah decides that they need better accommodations. They happen upon an apparently vacant house. In the evening, Felix hears the door and panics, telling Sarah to run. She’s not as concerned because she knows the home’s owner – he’s Kira’s dad. You can’t blame Felix for feeling betrayed. He’s gone through a lot for Sarah and always helped her when she needed it. By failing to mention they were in Kira’s dad’s home and refusing for years to admit to Felix that she knew who Kira’s dad was, Sarah has committed a significant betrayal. When Felix becomes upset, starts crying and leaves, Sarah looks on almost indifferently. This was the moment when I started to dislike Sarah.

Felix is starting to figure out that he has a better relationship with Alison. He is right when he tells Sarah that Alison needs him. I love that he returns to attend her musical. Their relationship is great because he is so quirky while she is rigidly straight-laced. Sarah needs to reevaluate her relationships. Now that Mrs. S. has betrayed her, Felix and Kira are the only family she has left.

Alison also has a rough time in this episode. She does not handle it well now that she knows Donnie is her monitor. I loved it when Donnie is sleeping on the couch and she turns the vacuum on next to him. Alison is without a doubt the best clone. She is hanging on by a thread, though. When it comes time for her musical, she starts washing down pills with alcohol. The result is that she takes a nasty tumble off the front of the stage in front of the audience. You have to feel sorry for Alison. She’s dealing with her guilt over Ainsley and the discovery of Donnie’s duplicity. It’s a chaotic situation that goes against her need for order.

Cosima has her own problems, as well. Delphine shows her a video of a new clone, Jennifer, who is a former swimming instructor who comes down with the same respiratory illness that Cosima has. Jennifer recently died, and Cosima watches a video chronicle of her last few months. The source of the illness appears to be growths that spread to the lungs from the reproductive system. This may explain why the clones can’t have children. Though it makes sense for the story that Jennifer is already dead when we learn about her, I kind of wanted to have a new clone to add to the mix.

Helena may have survived being shot by Sarah, but things are going downhill for her, too. She is being held prisoner in the fundamentalist’s farm. While in a drugged stupor, she is married (kind of) to the head of the group, Henrik Johanssen. She is likely one of his many wives. If they offer her Koolaid at some point, she should definitely refuse. At the end, it appears that Henrik is going to consummate the marriage because he believes that Helena will be able to reproduce like Sarah. They don’t know whom they’re dealing with, though. Helena has had hard life, and she is insane. If they think they’re going to be able to control her, they’ll be disabused of that notion quickly.

All in all, things aren’t going well for the clones. I do like Sarah’s hot new love interest, Cal, though. I’m skeptical that she will actually be able to keep him. The one thing that I did not like about the episode came in the last few seconds. I’m so sick of the t-bone car crashes that come out of nowhere. Person of Interest did the same thing last week. We’ve also seen it on The Blacklist this season. It’s everywhere and it’s stupid. It would be incredibly difficult for that type of accident to deliberately happen. The same thing happens every time. The person who hits the car is miraculously unscathed, while the people in the car are briefly knocked unconscious. It’s time for something new.

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