The Good Wife Season 5 Review “The Deep Web”

Alright, now The Good Wife is just playing around.

After such a huge climax towards the end of their masterful fifth season, The Good Wife has been working off the come down ever since. Life continues to march on around them as our heroes struggle to find time to stop conniving partners or take an effective day off. The Good Wife usually has a deep reserve of ideas and guest stars to keep the pace moving in slow weeks, and this episode was no different. Tonight, the episode was able to showcase its procedural bones while still being able to deal with larger issues facing our characters. It will never go down as one of its better hours, but tonight’s episode was very serviceable for a typical end of the season episode.

The case of the week involved Lockhart/Gardner this week. It also had several different callbacks to previous episodes. We saw the return of Robert Kline, whom we’ve seen before and know to be one of Diane’s grandstanding friends. However, Kline’s influence on the proceedings was negligible considering the episode actually was about his grandson. While the fence website Silk Road is an awesome idea (and apparently a real thing!), Diane ultimately tosses her client aside because she’s concerned about having him commit perjury. It was a storyline with lots of interesting ideas and room to stretch out a bit, but someone on The Good Wife creative team decided to focus more on Alicia Florrick’s Day Off.

A few weeks removed from roaring about the courtroom like a She-ra, Alicia is sitting at home and trying not to cry around her mother. It’s fine to be alone and have a good cry, but the show may have exhausted its limits for tears. Alicia only breaks down with her mother, but it turns out to be a lot more than meets the eye. It’s difficult to imagine a world where Alicia stops being a lawyer for a bit, but the infrastructure the show has in place could survive her sudden change of career. The show is a legal drama, so that change likely isn’t happening, but how long Alicia stays in this funk could tell us a lot about the future plans for Alicia Florrick.

Though she’s frustrated on the job front, it was nice to see her take an interest in another member of the opposite sex. Alicia has spent so much of her time this season worried about different things; she should go out on a date with the great Nestor Carbonell. Cary actually being the one to give her the day off was an effective play to showcase the positive relationship Alicia has with Cary. The show has to remind us on occasion why these two people should work together. Nice moments like tonight show the positive sides to their relationship.

Over at Lockhart/Gardner, Diane spent the rest of her time chasing her tail around the equally devious Louis Canning and David Lee. With Canning both dying and making moves to screw Diane, it’s safe to say he probably won’t grace this television program next year. Without the various versions of sleaze surrounding the series, it’s not hard to imagine a Diane Lockhart vacation day. I would say she has big shoes to fill, but Alicia’s “day off” set the bar pretty low.