Da Vinci’s Demons Season 2 Review “The Vault of Heaven”

DaVinci's Demons, 2014

“Why would they create doors if none were to enter?” ~ Ima

“The Vault of Heaven” was not as strong an outing as last week’s “The Rope of the Dead” but kept the efficient pace that Season 2 has now settled into. With only four episodes left, I have no idea what Da Vinci’s Demons will end on. Next week’s preview revealed that time has now caught up to the opening moment of the season with Leonardo and Riario captive in the cave. I do think Leo will reunite with his mother this season; whether they make it back to Italy by the finale is a whole different story. The Book of Leaves must be integral to Lucrezia’s plot of restoring her father to the Papacy. If the show is renewed for a third season, that seems an ideal arc.

Poor Leo still has quite a bit to accomplish to reach that point. He should have known that Ima would play him in the same way he’s playing her. This also applies to Lucrezia in her dealings with Bayezid (Akin Gazi). Yes, Leo and Lucrezia are sly, but they’re also too good to be true, and Ima and Bayezid both realize that. I don’t know what Francesco’s plan is with the Ottoman Empire, but it did not go unnoticed that Bayezid mentioned an estranged younger half-brother, Cem (also written as Jem), who is favored more than him. Bayezid is first-born though, as Lucrezia points out, so the Ottoman Empire should be his. I’m guessing one cast-aside brother wants to ally with another?

– The whole Book of Leaves story still confounds me a bit. Did Leo’s mom take it to South America because she knew enemies in Europe were after it (those in the labyrinth)? Did she and the Abyssinian set up all the traps that guard it? The Turk mentioned that Leo would be the one to unlock everything it holds, but what pointed him in that direction?

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade nod with the bridge?

– Wow, the Incans built Leo’s ‘scorpion’ device very quickly.

– Interesting that Riario regards Nico enough now to listen to him and not kill Zo.

– Nice to see Lupo again. Having him look into the Book adds to my theory that it will be used in restoring Francesco to the Papacy. Just don’t die Lupo!

– The one upside of the Florence story was Carlo killing Sassetti, the banker. And good on you Vanessa for speaking your mind to Clarice.

– Historical note: Bayezid and Cem were the sons of Sultan Memhed II aka the man who conquered Constantinople in 1453 from the Byzantine Empire. He was only 21- such an overachiever!