The Amazing Race Season 24 Review “Bull Down”

Bull Down

With only two weeks until the season finale, The Amazing Race returned tonight with “Bull Down”, as the teams make their way to the beautiful city of Seville, Spain.

I addressed the formation of the frustrating “Accidental Alliance” last week, and it continued to bother me tonight. I don’t understand how the simple act of one U-Turn can turn so many people against one team. It didn’t even affect Dave and Connor, and they even ended up coming in first place last week! Oh, and Dave saying that Brendon and Rachel U-Turning them being “Inappropriate” made my blood boil. It’s a game, Dave, and you and your son have come in the top for the entire season! He keeps talking about how he shouldn’t be U-Turning him because he’s 60 years old, but I say he shouldn’t be so petty and immature if he’s 60 years old!

The Barber of Seville Road Block was pretty fun, if maybe a bit simple. I mean, I’m sure a few of you have done shaving-a-balloon games at a party like myself, so it wasn’t a particularly impressive challenge by any means if it can be reproduced at a birthday party for a few bucks. The opera singer added a fun layer to it, but it was clearly just a haphazard way to incorporate the famous “Barber of Seville” opera into the leg.

The Detour, on the other hand, was incredible. They’ve had a lot of physical and potentially dangerous challenges this season, and “Running with the Ballz” had to be my favorite. Those guys were not messing around! I realize that they were in big inflatable balls and everything, but they could have easily scraped their legs or twisted an ankle. Some of them were actually airborne for a couple seconds because the hits were that vicious! Jamal even seemed to twist his own knee, but he had to just push through! They also didn’t discriminate at all between men and women, giving Rachel some pretty hard hits.

Oh, and I was just counting down the seconds until Dave started complaining about how old he was, and sure enough! Right on cue he started saying in Spanish how old he was, and then he whines about how it’s not a young man’s game. You’re in first freakin’ place, dude! You just won two Ford Mustangs, and then you won a trip to Saint Croix for coming in first place again! Maybe hold off on the pity party until you start coming in the back of the pack. It’s like playing basketball with Lebron James and he’s complaining about fouls the whole time.

The flamenco side of the Detour didn’t seem all that complicated. It’s possible that The Cowboys just had all of their complications edited away, but it looks like they would have been better suited to go that route from the beginning.

We had the second Double U-Turn of the season tonight, which still doesn’t work the way it should. If a team shows up to the U-Turn and finds that they’ve been U-Turned, they should have to immediately turn around and do the other side of the Detour. It didn’t affect anything, but it still bugs me. As soon as Jet and Cord were U-Turned, you just knew that they’d be going home. There was a sliver of a chance that they would get to the U-Turn before the Country Singers and get to U-Turn them back, but alas, it was not meant to be. I loved seeing Cord salute the camera as he rides into the sunset with his brother at his side. They’re a great team, and I’m sad that they won’t be winning again. Maybe it’s just not meant to be!

Only two weeks left!

Random Thoughts:

– There were a couple great locals tonight in Seville, with my favorite being the opera singer and barbers. It was like the opera singer was purposefully trying to bother them!

– Jen and Caroline being so creepily flirtatious with The Cowboys really irks me. They’re both married with kids, ladies. Back off!

– I’d like to know if they’re using remote controlled drones to get these aerial shots of the cities. I think I saw the shadow of a tiny drone in one of the shots, but they usually use helicopters.