Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Review “Makani ‘Olu a Holo Malie” – Another Sad Goodbye

Makani 'Olu A Holo Malie (Fair Winds and Following Seas)

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Makani ‘Olu a Holo Malie” (Hawaiian for “Fair Winds and Following Seas”), Catherine needs Steve’s help with a personal matter that puts them both in mortal danger.

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow the news about Michelle Borth (who plays Catherine) leaving the show snuck right past me. Though I guess in this case it was a good thing as I didn’t see that ending coming at all.

Catherine called Steve to ask for his help when a family that saved her life in Afghanistan lost their son to kidnappers. She only wanted him to get hold of Joe so that she could slip out of the country, but she should have known that Steve was never going to let her go into that place alone. Of course he went with her and it was sad that he had to pay for that decision so dearly.

Meanwhile, back on the island, Danny, Chin and Kono had a very important case to solve. Someone stole a liver that was very badly needed and they were on the clock to get it back before it was no longer useful for the patient. Even without their leader, the team worked well together and managed to find the organ just in time. Not only for the person needed it, but also for Steve.

Just as that case wrapped up, Danny got a phone call that sent him on his own adventure. Steve had been captured by the Taliban and was being tortured. It was a brutal moment for the show – watching Steve be beaten like that and threatened with beheading. But Danny got to work immediately and made some phone calls of his own to get over there and send a team in to save his buddy. While I knew it wasn’t likely to happen, I was a little disappointed that Danny didn’t go in himself to save Steve. Though at the same time, it was kind of cool how he never got out of his dress shirt. That man does everything in style – even save his best friend’s life.

After all that Steve went through, he came home and got a call from Catherine. She hadn’t found her friend’s son and was going to keep on looking for him. It was then I realized that she meant forever. or at least what passes as forever on a TV show. I will miss Catherine. She got us through those months that Kono was away and I thought she was the perfect match for Steve. Her loss, even though she is still alive and well, is bound to have a serious effect on Steve. Here’s hoping that Danny will be able to help him out of this situation as well.

My favorite bits:

Finding it funny that Max was talking about players’ pupils dilating while he was wearing sunglasses and a visor. Methinks he didn’t want anyone to see his eyes.

Kamekona trying to play poker with Shrimp-Bucks.

Steve showing up at the airport to go with Catherine.

Steve and Catherine riding into the town on horseback. Quite an entrance.

“Let me get this straight. You spent thousands of the taxpayers’ dollars…”
“To get a ball back. Yeah.”

Flinching when Steve got thrown into the truck by that grenade. Ouch.

Poor Catherine having to watch Steve being taken away.

Danny getting a call that his partner had been taken by the Taliban. Yikes. That’s not a call you’d ever expect to get.

Danny sitting in the belly of that plane, in shirt and jacket no less, off to rescue his partner. Yeah!

“He’s alive.”
“How can you know that?”
“Because I know him. Trust me, he’s alive.”

Logic told me it wasn’t’ going to happen of course, but I still couldn’t help the squeak of fear that came out of me when they brought out that machete and threatened Steve.

Danny (and me) collapsing in relief when the message came over the radio that the “package was secure.”

Danny standing by Steve’s stretcher. You could just tell he was waiting for him to open his eyes.

Steve opening his eyes and finding Danny there. I loved that Danny was in a dress shirt and sweater. He never lets his style go, no matter what.

“I’m not a soldier, you don’t have any authority over me so I’m going to stay put.” – You tell’em Danny.

Steve claiming his short-term memory was shot.

Danny making Steve laugh with his poker-debt joke.

Danny giving the soldiers a thumbs-up.

Steve actually offering to go back and help Catherine find Najib.

Steve and Catherine’s heartbreaking “aloha.”

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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