Hart of Dixie Season 3 Review “Together Again”

Hart of Dixie The CW

Most Hart of Dixie fans are in agreement – the show has lost its way this year. Between losing all of our favorite couples to focusing too heavily on the comedy shenanigans, the glory days seem like a distant and hazy memory. What this episode, ‘Together Again’, did though, was refocus everything in a way that not only reminded us of those early episodes, but also wrapped some things up, moved other things along and, for the first time in a long time, reminded me of why I loved Bluebell in the first place.

It probably all depends on your shipper preferences, of course, with mine conveniently matching the episode both for romantic pairings and friendships. Seeing Lemon and Wade together has always been fun, with the uncomplicated and platonic nature of their bond something that every episode needs a dose of, and then we got a whole load of Zoe and George to boot. Those two have always has a chemistry that the writers don’t know what to do with – first it was romantic longing, then true love, and then complete indifference – but, finally, in this episode we saw the best of them.

It’s pretty much assumed that we’ll be ending the season with Zoe/Wade and George/Lemon reunions (which at least explains why Tansy was ushered off so unceremoniously) and, with that in mind, the water treading that has been going on isn’t nearly as tiresome as it could have been. We have a destination in mind, and one that has been in the making since the pilot – should everything go according to plan, the season finale is going to be glorious. But it also means that other pairings have to be dealt with, and that scene between Zoe and George was a lovely full stop to their relationship – romantically, at least.

I loved this episode, and all of the promise it offers for the final stretch of Hart of Dixie’s third (and possible final) season. What did you think? Are you happy about which couples look set to get back together? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.