Sirens (USA) Season Finale 2014 Review “Shotgun Wedding”

Sirens (USA) Episode 10 Shotgun Wedding (4)

Sirens began with Theresa calling out Johnny’s commitment-phobe ways, so it was only fitting for Johnny’s season one arc to culminate in a commitment. The one he ultimately makes is not the one he sets out to make at the start of “Shotgun Wedding,” but it is close enough. Through a series of baby steps that involved reconnecting with his father, meeting his young brother and being faced with the prospect of losing Theresa permanently the series arrived at a point where Johnny could get down on his knees and propose to Theresa.

The scene itself was hilarious; both silly and sentimental, Johnny’s sudden proposal and refusal to get up until Theresa accepted was a classic Sirens moment. What cinched it was Johnny asking Theresa what she was thinking about and Theresa replying bacon. Cue Johnny shuffling over to her breakfast tray on his knees. Little moments like the bacon scene have been a huge part of what made season one such a success. Whether this series is delving into arguments over how many points being a fireman, EMT worker or police offer adds to you personal catch scale or Hank dryly reminding Brian and Johnny he knows more about women than either one of them, it just hits my comedy sweet spot.

As for the finale, it was not the highlight of the season even though it did thematically bring us back to the start. Theresa’s delayed reaction to taking a shot in the arm involves her reaffirming her desire to join the FBI. Johnny’s grand proposal is more of a way to keep the woman he loves in town than it is an actual desire to be married. His motives for wanting to get married, and to get married fast, speak to how much growing he still has to do. Theresa dream of being an FBI agent has been a constant since she was sixteen and for him to offer her the relationship commitment she wants in order to keep her in Chicago is selfish, even if his heart is in the right place.

I believe the show has demonstrated Theresa does in fact want Johnny, possibly more than she wants anything else. They just fit together. Like Johnny, post a traumatic experience she asserts she is not afraid of anything, but ultimately what she is afraid of is giving up her career goals waiting for a man whose 10 year plan (and 20 year plan) is getting box seats for Cubs’ games. If we get a season two (and we have to get a season two, USA), I would like to see more of Theresa and Johnny discussing their future in an honest manner. Their wedding fell apart in spectacular fashion, prompted by Theresa’s father finding an illegal rooster fighting ring in the basement of the church Billy recommended for Theresa and Johnny’s quickie wedding. When the pastor tried to run he encounter Hank and his son having sex in the room behind the alter which promptly gave him a heart attack.

While Johnny and Theresa put off their nuptials, they are moving in together. It is a big step for Johnny, who is so terrified of losing people he has a bad habit of pushing them away before they can get too close. As well as he fits with Theresa though, and vice versa, I wonder if they can sustain a real relationship if Johnny is unwilling to leave Chicago behind. What happens when two people are supposed to be together, butone is content while the other is restless?

“Shotgun Wedding” had a singular focus on Johnny and Theresa, which only makes me want a second season even more. There is no weak link in this ensemble, and I need more of Billy’s hysterics, more of Hank’s flawless deadpan humor and Brian’s gentle naivety (and body parts procuring for Voo). Whatever happens from here, Sirens season one was one hell of a ride.

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