Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 “We Are Never Getting Back Together” Review

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 22 We Are Never Getting Back Together (5)
So that’s what Preston Burke has been up to all this time . . .

We reached a pivotal moment in the Cristina Yang farewell tour on Grey’s Anatomy last night. We now know the destination for the character when she rides off into the sunset and now all we have left to do is watch her bid farewell to her friends and colleagues next week, which will very likely bring on a few tears.

At the urging of Meredith and Owen, Cristina accepted an invitation to speak in Zurich and much to her surprise, the invitation was extended by her former mentor and lover – Preston Burke. Burke has created a new life for himself, which includes a wife, kids and a state of the art hospital. After years of allowing his wife to sacrifice for him, Burke wants to pay it back and has finally found someone who he trusts to succeed him – Cristina. Admittedly, I too thought that Burke was trying to invite Cristina to his literal chocolate factory and not the proverbial chocolate factory where you can pop up cool 3-D images of hearts. Although I would not have been happy to see the two reunited personally or professionally, I thought it was necessary for them to acknowledge their passionate, yet sometimes tumultuous past. I’m sure that Owen and Meredith will be kicking themselves for urging Cristina to go.

I often find myself frustrated with some of the writers choices with the characters on Grey’s Anatomy, but I would be remiss if I did not say that I think they’ve done a great job setting up Cristina’s send off. When this series ends, Cristina may end up being one of the most well-developed characters of the show. I find this somewhat encouraging for the end of the series. If the showrunners are given a firm end date in advance, it should allow the writers to give the same treatment to some of the other characters who deserve a proper conclusion to their story.

Other Thoughts and Observations . . .

– I’m extremely happy that Bailey found a way to help Braden, but nothing good will come of her decision to treat him without his parents’ consent.

– Richard just might take the news of Cristina’s departure harder than Meredith and Owen. The whole “if we can’t do this, we won’t have doctors and the hospital will fall apart” storyline has been done a million times on Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe Cristina can set up a partnership with Grey Sloan and help the hospital attract great doctors.

– I’d love it if Owen fired ALL of the residents. I know that’s wishful thinking.

– I’ve officially begun fast forwarding through the April/Jackson/baby scenes. I suspect this will be my approach for the foreseeable future.

– Nice touch by the wardrobe department to have Burke still using the same lucky scrubs and cap.

– Although the Grey’s Anatomy cast is bloated, I wouldn’t mind Amelia sticking around.

– I will NOT miss these awful remakes of 80s songs from this season.

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