The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Review “What Lies Beneath”

What Lies Beneath

In the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” we got a transitional episode in the truest sense of the word, both literally and figuratively, in “What Lies Beneath.” This one was all about transformation, going from one state to another, be it from spirit to flesh or straight to drunk as a skunk. It was also about accepting that while many people never have the strength to change their ways, sometimes they surprise you.

Ergo, Enzo managed to forgive Damon and, to a lesser extent, Stefan and Elena; while Damon was, in turn, able to forgive Stefan and Elena for not believing he could handle the truth that Stefan had killed his best friend. Or, okay, only friend.

Given that this was almost entirely set-up for the following episode, it was surprisingly fast-paced and watchable, even while nothing much really happened. Yes, Julian got closer to being trapped in the body he was inhabiting, Tyler’s. And Enzo and Bonnie’s grandmother both realized that they could reach out and touch things from the other side, a la a poltergeist, another sure sign the walls between worlds was breaking down. And, of course, Damon found out the truth about Enzo.

But when you get down to it, there wasn’t that much forward momentum going on here, just moving the pieces around until everything was in or headed directly to its rightful place on the board. Sure, we don’t know exactly which way the fates will go in all this- or rather, the writers- but I do think something big and unexpected would be the best move they could make.

I know certain people bristle when others talk killing off major characters- look at how people react every time someone bites it on “Game of Thrones” and that happens a lot on that show, and not always to the “bad” characters. But a major move like that could be just what the doctor ordered for “TVD.” After all, the “death” of Katherine was oddly muted- not to mention it took up a fair chunk of the season- so another death, this time to one of the good guys, could be a big deal and end the season on a somber, if meaningful note that would be a good place to reboot for next season.

The question is, who? Poor Nina Dobrev has already died once this season, so we can let her slide. Technically, so did Paul Wesley and fangirls would probably hit the ceiling if they killed off Ian Somerhalder, so I suppose they’re out, too. That leaves one of the supporting characters, and there’s plenty to choose from: Bonnie, Jeremy, Matt, Tyler, and Caroline being the core group of potential victims. (It’s too early, I think, for anyone to have gotten much attached to Luke and Liv.) If they kill Caroline, I’ll probably stop watching, so she’s definitely out.

Tyler would be the obvious choice, given the state he’s in currently, but that’s a little too predictable. A better bet would be to let us think it’s going to be him and have it be someone else instead. Matt seems the most vulnerable, being the lone human in the lot, but I can see either Jeremy or Bonnie doing something heroic to save everyone else, as they are both wont to do.

So, if they go there, it’s likely going to be one of those three. Safe money’s on Bonnie, given her vulnerable state, but don’t count out one of the boys, either. It could definitely happen that way, too.

Whatever the case, “The Vampire Diaries” does need a bit of a jolt to the system, so I’m all in favor of whatever it takes to deliver that. We need a big finish, don’t you think? Predictions start down below, and I’ll see you next week for the penultimate episode before the big finale- though, knowing the show, the big stuff will actually be on that episode, while the finale serves as the aftermath and set-up for the next season. See you then!