TV Buzz: Halle Berry Comes Back From Space in ‘Extant’ Trailer, Disney Serves Up Lego ‘Star Wars’ Goodness and More

Happy Thursday, guys! Somehow two themes accidentally evolved for this collection of TV previews that can only point to trends focusing on turning everyone into Legos and ending the world. So, TV writers want to play with toys and wipe out mankind via vampires, viruses and mind-numbing reality shows. Check it all out for yourself below.

‘The Simpsons’ “Brick Like Me” Trailer

The Simpsons‘ Lego spectacular has been two years in the making so it makes perfect sense that Fox would give “Brick Like Me” the full-on movie trailer treatment; what I didn’t expect was just how amazing it looks. It has been a long time since The Simpsons gave us an iconic episode, but this Sunday’s (May 4 at 8pm ET/PT) outing looks like it could join the ranks of some of The Simpson’s best. Check out Homer and the rest of Springfield in all their brick glory in the trailer above.

First ‘Extant’ Trailer Reveals Space Pregnancy

The first official Extant trailer (courtesy of EW) reaffirms all of the reasons why I never want to go to space or be in a relationship with anyone who has been to space. Because somehow, someway, you always end up pregnant with an alien, even if you are Halle Berry. I just don’t need that kind of complication in my life.

Space pregnancy aside, Extant joins a growing number of summer series about the end of the world as her son promises everyone will be safe if they get in the spaceship. To serve mankind is a cookbook, kid.

Extant premieres Wednesday, July 9th on CBS.

‘Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles – Escape from the Jedi Temple’ First Look

Maybe we are being primed for a Lego apocalypse? Actually, that would be the best apocalypse ever. This weekend is bringing a healthy does of Star Wars Lego goodness to go with The Simpsons‘ Lego outing. The Yoda Chronicles is a funny affair (as evidenced by Darth showing off his new theme song) with overzealous lightsaber battles and spaceship crashes.

Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles – Escape from the Jedi Temple airs Saturday, May 3rd on Disney Channel at 9pm ET/PT and Sunday, May 4th on Disney XD at 7pm ET/PT.

‘Last Ship’ Trailer: “X Marks the Spot”

“It’s a new world now, a world of sick, desperate people.”

There is a virus of unknown origin spreading through the world like wildfire in TNT’s Last Ship trailer. The series looks more like an explosion-heavy blockbuster than a TV show, but Adam Baldwin and McSteamy (Eric Dane) have been tasked with saving the world which is a pretty big selling point. Besides, isn’t summer the best time to watch popcorn TV?

The Last Ship airs Sunday, June 22nd at 9/8c on TNT.

‘The Strain’ Teasers Aim for Maximum Creepiness

We have not seen the vampires of The Strain yet, but the quick teasers reveal that they are not romantic, they don’t sparkle and they are probably going to take over the world with their squirmy eye infectors and magical candy creating canes. Which teaser has you the most creeped out?

The Strain airs Summer 2014 on FX.

‘I Wanna Marry Harry’ Trailer Makes You Feel Bad for the Manse

That poor, poor estate. 400 years of history and it ends up on a dreadful, embarrassing and yet mildly entertaining looking reality show. Some highborn British family’s ancestors are totally going to haunt them for this improper use of their family’s legacy. Also, I would have signed up for this show just to stay in that place. Forget fake Harry, did you see that view?

I Wanna Marry Harry airs Tuesday, May 27th at 8/7c on Fox.


Which show do you think looks the most apocalyptic? A world of Legos? Possible extinction? Vampires? American woman who think they might actually get to marry Prince Harry? Sound off below.

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