‘Childrens Hospital’ Season 6 Announced by Adult Swim

Childrens Hospital

Childrens Hospital‘s doors will remain open for a sixth season on Adult Swim.

Cartoon Network’s late-night counterpart announced a sixth season will begin shooting this summer for a 2015 premiere. The series follows the self-obsessed shenanigans of doctors and nurses who work in a children’s hospital as it spoofs traditional hospital dramas with their characters’ over the top relationship troubles and bizarre cases.

“We’re placing the Childrens gang safely back in their hospital next season, having spent last season in Japan, so fans can expect the kind of tomfoolery that endeared them to Childrens Hospital back when they were youngsters,” said creator/executive producer Rob Corddry. “Stuff like absurdity, flights of fancy, hard-hitting fake drama, soft-hitting fake drama, farcical door slamming, partial nudity, classical jazz, 70-yard field goals, mustache rides, backwards messages, grooming tips … the whole shebang.”

Will you be checking back into the satirical medical series?