Warehouse 13 Season 5 Review “A Faire to Remember”

Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 3 A Faire to Remember (2)

It is chaos at ye olde Renaissance Faire this week on Warehouse 13. Pete and Jinks get in touch with their inner knight and knave in order to track down a deadly artifact, while Myka and Claudia hatch a secret plan to waken Claudia’s sister, Claire. Artie is mostly concerned about ramping up the Warehouse’s security systems while maintaining his “beloved steam punk motif.”

Myka and Claudia manage to bring Claire out of the coma. The result went in a different direction that I anticipated. Instead of Claire melting down with mega powers, the music box’s power transfers to Myka. It’s a sad moment when Claire meets Claudia and doesn’t recognize her. You would think Claire would be the most devastated about being in a coma – but she instead focuses on the fact that she is *gasp* 30 years old and missed the prom. I guess that makes sense. If I woke up tomorrow and had aged more than a decade, I’d be way pissed off by the crow’s feet.

The scenes with Claire and Claudia are very cute. Claudia is so ecstatic to get her sister back. The whole time I was hoping things would work out for them, but had a sneaking suspicion it wouldn’t. For better or worse, the Warehouse folks are family and there is not room to add another member to the team. I started thinking midway through that once Claire remembers killing their parents, she’ll want to go back into the coma. It was tragic when my prediction came through and Claudia had to lose her sister again. I might have preferred an expression of sisterly love rather than a Garbage song for their final moment together, however.

At the cleanest ren faire I’ve ever seen, everything is going haywire – the costumed Merlin gets a real magical wand, the court jester jangles a heart-attack inducing Punchinello, and a runaway cart almost mows down an adorable girl with a lollypop. All of it is super kitsch and fun. It turns out that the fortuneteller’s granddaughter is the cause of all the mischief. She dealt super charged cards in order to build the confidence of the boy she liked. When Sir Oswald the Lionheart is finally knighted, he also wins the girl. Pete and Jinks spend most of their time running around, dodging magical rays, but get in some CSI style questioning. I like it when Jinks and Pete spend time together.

Meanwhile, artifact-amped Myka is raining down rage on Artie. Myka’s outbursts feel like more than just anger – she seems to be unloading things that have been simmering in her mind. For example, Myka claims that she went through her cancer scare alone – which is not exactly accurate since she chose not to let anyone help her. I love that Artie tries to takes her out with a dart to the chest.

When Artie learns about what Claudia’s done in awakening Claire, he’s strangely not angry. He genuinely understands why Claudia did it. It’s touch at the end to see that Artie has been trying to help Claire for all those years. He really is Claudia’s surrogate dad and their relationship is key for the heart of the show. I have to say, I teared up at Artie’s speech, which is something I never expected from Warehouse 13.

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