Survivor: Season 28 Review “Chaos Is My Friend”

Chaos Is My Friend

Survivor returned tonight with “Chaos Is My friend”, as a fan favorite event returned in the form of the Survivor Auction!

Every season they have an auction, and every season I am shocked how stingy these people are. There was $3,500 given out, and they only spent a total of $260 on auction items! Cass won a steak sandwich for twenty freakin’ dollars! You might buy a steak sandwich for twenty bucks at a restaurant! I agree with Trish! They ARE cheap-o deep-os! I get why Tony and Spencer were waiting, but I was really disappointed with Tasha not throwing her hat into the ring for the advantage! I totally don’t buy her excuse, either. She was just hoping for more food, and she was hoping that Spencer would be the martyr on her behalf. They could have had 2-1 odds of getting that clue, but she got greedy. As frustrating as everybody was at the auction, I was loving Woo’s reactions. His oddly sexual moment with Jeff as he described the tangy BBQ sauce being “All in my mouth”, and then growling to Jefra “Get a big fat scoop of that guac!” This guy is comedy gold!

I thought that the advantage would just be an advantage for the immunity challenge, but instead it was a clue for yet another hidden immunity idol! It was actually yet another idol hidden at the root of a tree as well, and it was yet another idol found easily by Tony. I guess I should be impressed by he’s found three idols already, but I have a feeling that these idols are becoming too plentiful, too powerful, and too easy to find. If they’re going to start introducing more powerful idols that basically play themselves, then they need to cut back on the amount of regular idols in the game.

A much more impressive three-peat is Tasha winning her third consecutive immunity challenge. I really didn’t think of her as that strong of a reward presence in the first half of this game, but she clearly is much better in individual challenges as opposed to team ones.

The big question of all of the pre-tribal scrambling was whether it would be Spencer or Jefra. It was really up to Tony if he wanted to be outnumbered by girls 4-2, or if he wanted to keep two smart, easy-to-vote-for and good challenge players in Tasha and Spencer.

Tribal wasn’t quite as exciting as all of the build up. In fact, I felt like the actual amount of screen time for tribal was a lot less than most weeks. I was glad that Jefra went home, just because I love Spencer and Tasha so much, but I’m very surprised that Tony isn’t more intimidated by them. Spencer is outwitting everybody, and Tasha is outplaying everybody (in terms of challenge wins), so I’m very interested to see how much longer they can possibly last. The scenes for next week make it look like Tony is going home, but we know that won’t happen. I can’t wait to see when his alliance finally wises up and jumps ship, though.

Random Thoughts:

– Was nobody grossed out by the fact that Woo was carrying all of their money in his pants? I’d be like, “Hey, could I have an envelope that wasn’t touching your butt crack? Thanks.”

– It seemed a little rich for Trish to be criticizing Spencer for being too skinny. I could probably grab her bicep and touch my thumb and middle finger together.

– Have they said if Tony’s “Get out of jail free card” idol can be played at any point in the game? Or is it only to the top four like with most idols? I can’t imagine that it could get him from the top four into the top three. That would be just way too powerful.