Revolution Season 2 Review “$#!& Happens”

Revolution Season Episode 19 $#!& Happens (7)

Revolution returned for its final stretch of episodes this season with a heavily character-drive affair. While there was no real movement on the overarching plotline, this was an important episode for reestablishing where the characters are at going into the season’s end.

Miles served as the main focus this week, so it seems appropriate to start with him. At times, such as the opening fight scene, Miles has a tendency to seem a bit too strong and impervious. Sure, he almost lost his arm earlier this season, but when they managed to save it, he seemed safe from any real harm. While I never thought he would actually die this week, it was still good to see him in such a vulnerable position where nothing he tried could get him out of it. Granted, it was his most suicidal MacGyver-style plan that allowed him to get free, but it was still good to see him so weak.

That said, Billy Burke’s performance was strong, really showing off all the facets of this character. From the hallucinations, to the botched cauterization, to the flashback to his encounter with the nanos, this is the sort of episode you submit to the Emmy’s. Too bad the Emmy’s mostly ignore genre shows like this one.

Also given strong material this week were Charlie and Tom, who found themselves traveling together briefly this week. Charlie was still suffering mentally from shooting Jason, but, of course, she wasn’t letting anyone in, once again putting up a stone face. However, Tom’s harsh words about Jason were more than enough to get her to crack, building up to the best two-person scene in the episode where she told Tom to kill her and he went for it. The gun was empty, but Tom’s willingness to pull the trigger showed just how angry and heartbroken he was over the loss of his son.

The emotional scenes that didn’t work quite as well for me this week were between Rachel and Monroe. Obviously, they were trying to show that Miles means a lot to both of them, and they resent the relationship the other has with him, but it just came off as weird to frame so much of Rachel’s anger towards Monroe around Miles. As she herself reminded us, she was Monroe’s slave for years, not to mention the fact that he killed her son; it makes it hard to give Monroe any credit in the argument. Still, the last scene between them was nice, showing that they can put aside their own bickering when they think Miles is truly in danger.

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