The Originals Season 1 Review “A Closer Walk With Thee”

A Closer Walk with Thee

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” the show continued its not-so-slight softening of the Klaus character in “A Closer Walk With Thee,” for better or for worse. While this sort of thing is to be expected, as it would be tough to get behind a character that was completely irredeemable, they’re definitely pushing things a bit, or, as a friend who watched it with me put it: “Seriously? A freaking nursery?”

I mean, don’t get me wrong: it was sweet. But was it Klaus? The same villain that wreaked so much havoc over on “The Vampire Diaries”? Sure, now that he and the fam have their own show, it makes perfect sense that they’d toe the line a bit for likability and reliability’s sake, but come on, show-runners. Dial it back a notch or a hundred, how about it?

Okay, rant done. That said, the main focus on the show was on Hayley’s impending birth, and the witches’ concentration on taking out the baby. Ever the worrywart, Monique took matters into her own hands by casting a spell on Hayley which very nearly killed her until Genevieve intervened. Yes, I know. I was a bit confused by that, too, as, last I checked G. was supposed to kill said baby, and that was certainly the direction things were headed in, so why stop progress?

Well, understandably, she was having second thoughts about killing an infant, not in the least because she used to be a nurse. Alas, the elder spirits or whatever weren’t too happy about her reservations and made sure she got the memo by the end of the show, though she played it off to Monique by claiming the baby had to be born first before they could strike. Honestly, someone really needs to give that witch a good talking to, you know?

To that end, I was a bit surprised that Mikael went to Davina to try and help get him back from limbo-land. You’d think that Monique would be a better bet to that end. After all, she wants the Originals out of the picture, too. Maybe he figured Davina’s naivety would work in his favor. I’m not so sure, but Mikael’s return would certainly be an interesting development.

I thought from last week’s “Vampire Diaries” that they were paving the way to bring back Kol, but then I saw the actor in question, Nathaniel Buzolic, on that would-be “Supernatural” spin-off, so apparently that was more of a goodbye to the character, unless he’s going to be seriously multi-tasking. Although, “Bloodlines” hasn’t been picked up to series as of yet, so we’ll just see about that. Either way, Mikael was probably the better way to go there, no offense to Buzolic.

Also interesting was the box Camille found in her brother’s tomb, with its weird markings. Was it perhaps a way to shut the limbo door again? I smell another “Vampire Diaries” crossover, like I hoped! We’ll just have to wait and see on that one, I guess, but at least we found out who got the key- it was Josh, in cahoots with Marcel. Good to see that Cami didn’t share certain info with Marcel after he went behind her back like that. Maybe there’s hope for her yet.

More dubious is the iffy contract between Elijah and Genevieve. He promised to let her see the Grimoire (aka mama Mikaelson’s book of spells), if she helped him figure out how to make a “moon” ring, a la the vampire’s “daylight” ring. I like G, so my hope is that she’ll also use it to wriggle free from her deal to kill Hayley’s baby. My prediction is that she’ll transfer the wrath against her towards Monique, who probably deserves it more, anyway. Yes, G ran off Rebekah, but she also had it coming after what she did. Monique, on the other hand, killed her sister, which was completely uncalled for. That said, it’s not like Elijah forgave G for what she did, and he clearly doesn’t entirely trust her yet, either, which is likely a good thing.

Not trusting Marcel or vice versa is Klaus, who’s been plagued by nightmares of daddy as of late, with good reason, but also of his longtime friendship with Marcel, which we saw in flashbacks to the moment in which Klaus opted to make him a vampire, after Marcel got himself shot by his father/slave-owner trying to help out a slave that not-so-dear old dad was trying to abuse. Alas, this longtime association was not enough to save Marcel from Klaus’ wrath, who reminded him to stay out of the Quarter instead of letting everything slide, so I guess Klaus hasn’t gone completely soft yet.

All in all, a decent episode, with a decent set-up for the final ones of the first season. Some good lines here and there, from Cami saying that Hayley’s swamp-based home and general situation wasn’t “exactly what to expect when you’re expecting” to Hayley referring to living with the Originals again as sounding “like a bad reality show”- although it actually made me think of the late, recently-departed “Being Human.” (Miss you already, Meaghan Rath!)

What did you think of “The Originals” this week? Are you excited for the return of Mikael? Or do you wish it had been Kol? Will there be another tie-in with “Vampire Diaries” before the end? What do you think the box is? Will G do the right thing or not? How about Davina? Sound off below and see you next week!