NCIS: LA Review Season 5 Review “One More Chance”

One More Chance

“One More Chance” did something I feel like I haven’t seen on a procedural in a while. There wasn’t the one bad guy in charge of everything. I kept waiting for the reveal of Jessica Peyton’s (Kristen Ariza) associate to be involved with the stolen drone, and he never was. This ended up being a refreshing change of events. It’s easier for an audience to focus on one person being the antagonist and yet the plausibility of finding that person every time is too coincidental. Taking that aspect out of NCIS: LA tonight allowed more time with the team and Jessica and for her situation to affect them.

By now the main relationship on the show (romantic or platonic) is Kensi and Deeks. They had plenty of moments in “One More Chance,” but I was glad to see that Sam and Callen did as well. LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell are the leads yet for the past few seasons have been overshadowed by their costars. In many ways the two of them have the harder job in playing the straight men. Kensi, Deeks, Eric, and Nell get most of the comedy and romance. Hetty gets to be the authority figure that you do not want to mess with. That leaves Sam and Callen with much of the plot lifting which can be hit or miss. I enjoyed seeing Callen question Sam even though it was evident Sam would be right in his thoughts. And their moment at the end of the episode where Sam gave Callen the CD sleeve reinforced why these two actors are the leads. O’Donnell and LL Cool J are up to the challenge. I want to see them get more of it.

More ‘What’s In the Box’ thoughts

– Next week is Part One of the finale!

– Kensi and Deeks were fantastic again this week as usual. So many things to note: Kensi being a ‘Vaguebooker’; Deeks quoting Dickens about Spring Cleaning; Kensi likes Michael Buble and Deeks likes Josh Groban (which I find awesome); Kensi is the Yin to Deeks’ Yang

– LA traffic mention by Sam! It’

– Granger calling a flash mob a flare mob was my laugh out loud moment.

– Speaking of Granger, am I the only one who thought Hetty wanted to murder him when he set his coffee cup on her desk?

– Storm Reid (Riley Peyton) didn’t have much screen time in the episode, but she’s one of the best child actors I’ve seen on a procedural recently.

– So… are we going to meet who Callen went on a date with?