CSI Season 14 Review “Kitty”


On the latest episode of “CSI,” the show took another stab at a spin-off with “Kitty,” featuring former “Medium”-star Patricia Arquette as tough-talking, know-it-all agent Avery Ryan, who’s in the mold of Tim Roth’s character on the underrated “Lie to Me.” Basically, she’s a human lie detector with special skills in the area of computer-related crime, in particular. She also got her own theme song courtesy of- who else?- The Who, via “I Can See For Miles.” If the show flies, it’ll be tentatively-titled, appropriately enough, “CSI: Cybercrime.” But should it?

I’m going to go with another tentative: yes. Although I’m not sure if the concept deserves its own show, or if it can sustain itself with said concept, I do miss “CSI: Miami” and, at this point, I was even starting to miss “CSI: NY” a little bit. Sure, they were a bit long in the tooth, but as if “CSI” isn’t. I do think they picked the right show to continue out of the three, though.

I suppose they could have done a different city to spin-off to- “New Orleans” or even “L.A.” might have been interesting. But both have been done on other shows, so I suppose the proposed “Cybercrime” at least would involve being able to go anywhere on the map and not being trapped in one location more often than not. Besides, if they had kept it up, who knows where it might have led? “CSI: Detroit”? (Hey, it seems to be the location for crime in a lot of movies lately!) “CSI: Poughkeepsie”? “CSI: Amish Country?” “CSI: In Space”? (Okay, that would be kind of awesome.)

So, getting back to the show at hand…I didn’t dislike the premise, and the first case was fairly solid. A man is caught, gun in his front seat, gunshot residue on his hands and a dead wife found previously by the cops. Understandably, he was arrested, but the bullets don’t match the gun, and he was in the wrong place at the right time. So, who did it?

The answers involved a smart house, an adopted dog, a virtual sex kitten- the “kitty” of the episode title- and a real-life mom and wife none too happy her face was being used by an cyber wacko for online sex games. (Yes, “Pretty Little Liars” fans, that was Torrey DeVitto, also of “Army Wives,” as Kitty and her doppelganger, making this a two-for-one get in both departments for both shows, thematically.) Was it all a bit far-fetched? Totally. But was it reasonably compelling? For the most part, yes.

Sure, the character of Ryan was a little much and a bit hard to like overall, but we can probably chalk that up to Arquette being a somewhat overeager to get herself a spin-off. After all, she’d be the first lead female detective on a “CSI” show. Under normal circumstances, I like her just fine, and I enjoyed her in “Medium,” plus “True Romance” is one of my favorite films, so she gets my vote. Just dial it down a notch if the show goes to series, okay?

That said, the resolution of the crime was meh, and the scene where Arquette serves as bait for the killer was a little ridiculous. “She’s trying to add years to his sentence,” said DB, as Ryan pushed her luck by toying with the stalker guy to further incriminate him. Maybe, but crazy much? Um, yeah. It just felt like the show was trying too hard to wow us with the character, you know? No need. Arquette’s likable enough without all the superfluous nonsense, IMHO.

Still, a solid B for effort, I suppose. Not quite an A, mind you, but give it time, it could work. For a while, at least. I think, as with most of these shows, a lot depends on the accessibility and likability of the cast. Arquette’s not a bad choice, let’s see who else gets involved if this sucker actually goes to series, then we’ll talk.

What did you think of “CSI” this week? Did you like Arquette’s new character? Do you support another spin-off? Or would you rather it be another city entirely? Cast your votes for other potential locales below, and don’t be afraid to get silly like I did above!