The 100 Season 1 Review “Contents Under Pressure”

Better than any other episode of The 100, “Contents Under Pressure” got across the idea that as desperate to save face as the kids on the ground are, they’re woefully unprepared for the struggles of the surface. With a hostage on the ship and Finn dying of a knife wound, needless to say it was good to see them finally get back in touch with the Ark this week; they need the guidance.

First up, yowza, this show continues to delve further into dark material every week. Honestly, this week might’ve gone a bit far, as they were nearing torture porn territory with Bellamy’s interrogation of the hostage. A bit of punching is one thing, but we saw a prolonged whipping, hand piercing and electrocution. It plays into the theme that the 100 really have no idea how to handle the situations they’re being put in, but hopefully the show has found the limits of how far it plans to go.

All the torture was in service of rescuing Finn, who didn’t have much to do but lay on a table in pain, but it was worth it to see just how much he really means to Raven; she is, after all the one who applied the electrocution. Similarly, this week continued showing Octavia’s softer side as she repeatedly stood up for her former captor. I don’t know how I feel about the thought of them actually being a couple at any point, but it was good to see a connection between the two.

Up on the Ark, we got a chance to finally see Kane’s humanity, which was an important beat to get at this point. I’ve said before that he seemed the most-likely suspect in the attempted murder of Jaha, but a lot of that had to do with how deadest he was on culling the populace. Here, though, we saw the grief he was going through after finding out the 100 were alive. Really, it seems his biggest crime was being a pragmatist.

Further taking away suspicion from Kane was the arrival of former chancellor Diana, played by the show’s second Battlestar Galactica alum, Kate Vernon. We didn’t get much from her this week, but her scenes screamed off someone who was desperate to return to the power she once had. It’ll be interesting to see what our new prime suspect gets up to in the coming weeks.

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