Castle Season 6 Review “Law & Boarder”

Castle Season 6 Episode 21 Law & Boarder (2)

On the latest episode of “Castle,” things got a little “extreme,” if you know what I mean, in the cleverly-titled “Law & Boarder,” in which a skateboarder was killed by a gun-toting motor-biker. (See what they did there?) Castle himself wasted no time with the puns: “I admit I am extreme…extremely handsome.” Shot back Beckett: “Yeah, with a high degree of difficulty.”

So, it turns out professional skater Logan was the vic in question, and his last night on earth involved a lot of confusing, atypical behavior, which seemed to involve breaking into the office in charge of the competition he was in and stealing a gun, engaging a fellow boarder with helping him break into a law office to steal something else, securing money from a possibly reformed Albanian mobster, and trying to obtain a Hi-8 camera, for reasons unknown. What the what was going on?

Well, it seems that the boarder in question was harboring a horrible secret like something out of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” (or, for my older readers, the 80’s versions of “Prom Night” or “House on Sorority Row”). When he was a kid, he and some fellow boarders used to film themselves on video doing tricks. One of them, Jay, was particularly good and a bit of a braggart who pushed the wrong guy’s buttons and he killed him for it- and it was all captured on video, which the friends subsequently covered up.

So, Logan nabbed the tape and the culprit, trust fund kid DK, and gave chase to get it back, killing Logan in the process. But he left just enough tape behind in the camera itself to incriminate friend Tommy, who was in charge of the competition, and whose gun was stolen. Tommy squealed and the rest is history.

I enjoyed this episode on a certain level, as I used to be a skater myself, and I also have used a Hi-8 camera and edited tape from one before to do short films, so I got a kick out of those elements of the show. In fact, in film school, circa the early 2000’s, we switched from Hi-8 to digital about midway through my program, so my fellow students and I were both the last to use them and the first to go digital, which was kind of cool.

For those reasons, I might have enjoyed this a bit more than some, but even if you didn’t give a fig about skaters or old-school tech, there was a lot to love about this episode, even if it was a bit of a comedown after the last, superlative episode, “That 70’s Show.” Then again, that would be a tough act for anyone to follow, as it ranked amongst the best episodes of the show, period, I thought.

That said, you had some cute scenes with Beckett wiping the floor with Castle in Scrabble, and then doing so in a better way with a game of strip poker, which brought to mind anther clasic slasher. There were also some great bits with Ryan & Esposito trying to outdo each other in a competition of another kind: to be Castle’s best man at the impending wedding. In the end, that honor went to Castle’s best girl, Alexis, which was a nice twist, though R&E might not agree: “Outdone by a girl,” they lamented, afterwards.

There were also clever references to “Death Race 2000” and “Rollerball,” plus Beckett busting out the “extreme” knowledge about sports of that nature. I will say that, as much as she gains points for knowing the lingo, she loses it for that outfit she was wearing in the second half of the show, which looked like something K.D. Lang would even scoff at. Um, no, Beckett. I just can’t. (Is it me, or has the fashion been a little off this entire season, and I’m not even talking about the 70’s stuff last week…remember the controversial wedding dress? Maybe they should investigate the wardrobe designer next…)

Let me know what you think about the latest episode of “Castle” below, and sorry for the slight delay in posting this review- weather be crazy right now in the South, y‘all. See you next time out, and skate on!