Turn Season 1 Review “Eternity How Long”

Turn Episode 4 Eternity How Long (1)

“And when a man is compelled to do something he either submits…” -Abe Woodhull
“Or rebels.” -Judge Richard Woodhull

If last week’s Turn episode was about Abe becoming proactive, “Eternity How Long” is his father’s. I had no strong feelings towards Papa Woodhull until he made the decision to dig up his older son’s headstone. Before, he had been similar to Abe, not charismatic like Robert Rogers or John Andre nor headstrong like Anna. He was there letting the action surround him. I’m glad to see that now both father and son have made an initial impact in the conflict around them. Richard’s decision wasn’t outright rebellion, but the seeds have been sewn. He won’t be able to straddle the middle line much longer as peacemaker. That’s the kind of material I want to see Kevin McNally work with. Kudos again to Jamie Bell for the final shot of rage boiling through Abe as he watched Thomas’ headstone topple down. Major Hewlett is so very arrogant and stupid. Yes, you are definitely winning the hearts and minds of the town.

Speaking of Major Hewlett, Burn Gorman was on fire last night. Between Turn and Game of Thrones he has created two radically different, compelling antagonists. His Karl on GoT is almost animalistic in his carnality and brutishness. Major Hewlett is the polar opposite: refined, protocol-following, perhaps even cowardly. Both may be on top right now, but those walls will come tumbling down.

I’d like to touch on Mary as well because poor girl is also having Jericho problems. She’s in the unfortunate position of being Turn’s Betty Draper or Lori Grimes. I’ve read numerous complaints about the character and still feel bad for her. The predicament she’s in is similar to Catelyn Stark. She marries the younger brother after the older one dies tragically. Current said brother was originally in love with another woman. All Mary wants to do is protect her family and way of life which leads her to make some poor decisions (ie. the reveal about the gravestone issue to her fellow ladies). To us today this comes across as passive, but not every female character on the show can be Anna Strong. Would I like to see more nuance in her character like Catelyn Stark has in A Song of Ice and Fire? Yes. But I don’t begrudge her right now for what she is.

Notes from The Dead Letter Box

– No Rogers, Simcoe, or Anna this week which made the presence of John Andre a warm welcome. I want to see him interact with more of our leads though. And I still can’t get over the fact that JJ Feild looks like the love child of Lee Pace and Tom Hiddleston.

– Dear Ben and Caleb: I agree with your reasoning of adding Abe’s intel in a letter to General Washington, but talking about it within earshot of your fellow soldiers is not very smart. You two are spies right?

– General Washington’s letters were so organized and perfect. We’d definitely be best friends.


“The devil may sound reasonable at first, but it’s always a trick.”

“Do you think Hell exists in more than one place?”

“It ain’t treason if it’s good reason!”