Star-Crossed Season 1 Review “Give Me A Torch”

An Old Accustom’d Feast

After watching the previews for this week’s episode of Star-Crossed days ago, I’ve been waiting to see how the CW series would tackle teen pregnancy, bombings and teenage angst all in one hour. It was interesting! On to the highlights of this week’s episode entitled ‘Give Me A Torch’.

Roman is trying to get the Atrians on his side, but Castor carries more weight with their people. Without proof and the help of Drake’s mother who has fallen victim to the threats of Vega, Roman’s claims are looking far from the truth. His decision to publicly out Castor as a trader makes him a target to some in the sector. Luckily he was quick to act in one scene when a passerby drops a bomb in his back pack. Roman’s mother also tries to plead for Castor’s mercy, but he isn’t having it. It seems that Roman has few allies, but Terri finally steps out on her own and gets the goods on Castor. Whether it is truly to benefit Roman, that has yet to determined as she does

Taylor seems pretty relaxed about the possibility of catching an STD, but gets serious when Emery informs her that she is pregnant. She seemed her normal giggly self minutes before, but instantly Taylor is exhibiting symptoms of pregnancy that include a ferocious appetite. One of the members of the Red Hawks is on to Taylor’s pregnancy after Emery and her leave their table. It looks like Taylor and Drake will be fighting a bigger battle than Emery and Roman had to tackle. Drake seems to be up for the challenge by the close of the episode.

The Winter Blast was a great way to reel fans back in with a little fun and the reality that all of these teenagers are just that – teenagers. Julia seems to finally be breaking out of her shell with the help of Eric. He really has become a likeable character. The couple’s duo was cute on stage and is a reminder to Roman and Emery of what they recently had. The leading couple are still staying apart for the good of their people. But how long van they hold off? Hopefully it won’t be too long as it looks like Grayson is moving in again.

By the close of the episode we finally get to see Drake take responsibility towards a serious (for once) Taylor. Roman witnesses Emery at a Red Hawks meeting and Teri is helping Castor. ‘Star-Crossed’ will return next week with Vega and her Doomsday device.